Bad news is coming : Say goodbye to PikeYenny

i had a bad news want to tell with you guys

i’ve got trouble with my family, my life. So i won’t online this week. I want to close this blog too when i can’t online but because so many people didn’t want that, ok i had a idea like this

I can’t online but i will try to upload file and send to Ekotaf, and maybe he will help me post/update this week ( or maybe next week too)

But i must say before that i can’t upload as fast as last weeks… so try to understand for me

From now, Ekotaf will become the boss of this blog haha … juts ask him for everything^^

Just wait me come back once day

Bye all, take care…



131 thoughts on “Bad news is coming : Say goodbye to PikeYenny

  1. hope you can sort everything out. thanks much for all your hard work in the past. hope for you to come back later πŸ™‚

  2. i hope you can stay!!!!!!! please don’t go!!!! so many people depend on you and this awesome website! D:

  3. i’m hoping the best for you.. may everything be fine πŸ™‚

    thanks a lot for sharing all these videos. i really thank and appreciate you.

  4. Hope everything turns out ok. Your work was much appreciated, even if others didn’t tell you. Much love and thanks a million ^.^

  5. I hope you’ll be back soon. We all gonna miss u. Anything trouble you’re dealing with right now, just be strong like the girls did and keep the faith that everything is gonna be okay. Take care and hwaiting! Thank you so much, we all love you and wait for you.

  6. nooo! i hope everything gets better soon! πŸ™‚

    you’ve been such a great source of videos these past few months. i appreciate all that you’ve done.

  7. but this blog still active r8????just the owner change r8???? ah man it wont be the same without pike yenny…………..T_T i even put this blog in my favourite’s….hmmm anyways thnkz for the upload…………………………..i wish the best for your family………

  8. You are an amazing person to be uploading these huge files for all of us daily and I truly appreciate your hard work. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to watch these shows and I really hope your family problems will get better. Take care of yourself! =)

  9. Though I don’t know your family’s circumstances, the fact that you’re still willing to post and upload things for us is really dedicated and selfless of you..I really hope the best for you and your family ^^.

  10. Hi.

    We all hope everything goes well with your life and family as well.

    It’s ok if it took longer to upload…as long as it’s uploaded.


  11. Oh…

    Joo Yeon (After School) is the new member in ‘Invincible Youth’ (IY).

    Hope this blog still upload ‘IY’ πŸ™‚

  12. Wishing you the best PIKEYENNY! I hope that everything will be alright and whatever your problem with your family will be better.

    Waiting for your comeback…. take care! =)

  13. so you’re going to be coming back though right pike?

    and is ekotaf gonna post the links here on your blog or somewhere else?

  14. I hope everything is alright. Everyone needs a break and so do YOU! dont worry. thanks for everything you HAVE done so far! =D im sure everyone would undersatnd and hope things with you get better! Good luck, i’ll miss you but we’ll be okay!

  15. good luck with whatever is going on with your life. i’m so grateful for all that you’ve already done. i hope you come back soon ^^

  16. I hope you will resolve any problems u have..don’t worry
    about us..we’ll be waiting for your return..and GOOD LUCK TO U AND EKOTAF! πŸ™‚

  17. sad to hear this news…. but, nothing can we done….
    anyways, thanks for everything that you have done untill today….
    we will wait for you to come back…… we always wait you…..
    Good luck & hope everything will be fine to your life….

  18. we hope that everything will be okay, we really love you.
    I’m sorry to hear the bad news.
    tho you have a problem, you still give us a video to watch.
    thanks for all of your hard work, I really appreciate it

  19. nooooooooooo!! i really hope you dnt leave…everytime i open my comp i go to ur site to find any updates..i duno wat ii would do without ur hard work and ur vids TT but if u really have to leave then thankss so much for all u have done
    we will def miss u !!

  20. its really sad =( but I’m really thankful that you dont close the blog even with this problems! Thank you soooo much for this blog! You dont know how happy I(or we) are! thanks again =) I hope, that the problems with your family & your life arent so serious and that you can make up soon~ Think always positiv ~ we are always at your side^^ (haha)

    we will wait =) don’t worry about this ~

    Fighting! xD

  21. Pike. why, what happen? Are you OK?

    No word to say, try make your best for family and life.

    You always my friend, if i can help anything.
    Please told me by mail. I will do it.

  22. please dont turn off this website.. you ve been doing the hard work .. and if i say , you have a lot of fans visiting your site everyday
    watever the problem you have , you can share with the visitors here…

  23. huhu…i suddenly fell ache in my heart.isk2…truly pikeyenny, you are my only source for my favourite show with subs. you are the only one.miss you a lot..thanks for contributing your precious life just for us..but there is time you should enjoy yours. i truly hope you will come back someday.fighting pikeyenny!!!

  24. oh no! hope everything alright…wondergirls and yenny are back and you might have to go, very sad!

    hope everything gets better!

  25. take care honey! family is of course mor importend, though i will really miss you 😦
    hope you can settel things soon and come back to us, but donΒ΄t worry for the time being we will be fine πŸ™‚

  26. really??? take care gurl~~ -_-
    sad though coz i am new here.. just few days ago i alert bout your blog~~
    neway, take care, u’d done very100x good job~~!!! *applause*
    thanks for uploading n sharing all da vids with us here~~^^

  27. oh no. i hope things will go well for you in time to come. thank you for your hard work all this while (: we appreciate it! and thanks to ekotaf for ‘taking over’ this blog too! (:

  28. TT_TT i hope things with your family can be solve smoothly and fast…i wish you all the best..
    and thank u for making this blog..and still running it by sending to ekotaf..
    thank you..please do come back when you’re ready^^
    we’ll miss you so…

    ekotaf, i hope you’ll keep this blog alive..^^thank you so much^^

  29. wow that sucks, well hopefully you can be online again and things will get better in your family, and I hope that Invincible youth will continue to upload because it is the best. πŸ˜€

  30. Let’s hope that everything will gonna be better for you in future.
    We will miss you for sure, so please come back when everything’s fine.^^

  31. thanks coz u didn’t close this blog.. without this blog, i don’t know where should i download any video.. i hope u will oke everyday.. hwaiting!!!! we will wait u..^_^..

  32. Oh no! I just found this website last week…what a pity.. BUT you are more important..
    Take care and hope to be hearing from you soon!

  33. Take care. Hope everything will turn out alright πŸ™‚
    Thank You So Much for all your time & hard work uploading the files all this while πŸ˜€

  34. Please take your time to take care of your own personal matters. Hope everything will turn out alright. We will wait patiently for your return.
    Want to Thank You for all the hard work you have done for us, very much appreicated.

  35. I wish you all the best for your future! i can’t tell you in words how thankful i am for subbing/uploading my fave shows even while having personal problems.
    you will be missed!

  36. hope everything turns out okay for you. thank you for all you’ve done thus far. we’ll miss you and hope you’ll come back soon! take care!

  37. oooo *phew* i thought u were like closing the site and not post anymore.
    but i hope everything gets better with you and your life/family =]

  38. Hope u manage 2 settle down fine soon w/ both your family&life. Hope u come back 2 us soon too. I, 4 1, will definitely miss u LOL

  39. *whew* for a moment I thought that you’re really saying bye bye and won’t upload anymore lolz thank goodness. Well I hope everything will work out between you and your family~! take your time no need to rush =)

  40. Oooooh Noooooo!!! I’ll miss you Pikeyenny and I’ll miss your blog!!!
    Hope everything will be okay for you and your family! Take care of yourself!
    Aja Aja Fighting!!! ^^

  41. we hope everything turn out well for you! we will be praying!
    thank you for all your hard work!
    come back soon!

  42. take care

    espero que te cuides tu y tu familia, y que todos tus problemas los superes lo antes posible.


  43. thanx pikeyenny.. u ar really considerable person
    i love your blog.. if u close this blog, i couldnt watch my fav show, dream team again
    thanx for your considerate not to close this blog
    anyway hope your prob will solve later ^^

  44. Oh! I am stunned with fear this news.
    I pray for you get better both you & your family.
    You are very kind I think the result of this you get fortune.

    Your blog is very usuful for many people. It is vervy good blog.

    I hope you come back soom.

    Take car & love you.

    Pikeyenny flighting!!!!

  45. Awe sweetheart, I really hope that the fam jam and personal stuff get better- I hope taking a breather will help, and I hope this isn’t the last time we hear an update from you. Take care. <33 xoxo

  46. i hate it. i love you. dont want you to stop doing this. promise us you’ll come back one day can you? T___T

  47. sorry to hear that…hope everything worls out for u.

    we will wait patiently for your return ^____^


  48. I’m going to miss you D:
    Even though i’m a new bloggeer to this website, i’ll still miss yoou!
    Good luck with your family + Life
    I know how it feels to be a blogger and not be able to blog D:
    Post whenever you can!
    Don’t need a video, just post to check in ! (:
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  49. that’s a very sad news…hope u get better with everything as soon as possible…hwaiting!!! don’t give up….u have all of our love and prayer!!! πŸ™‚

  50. Whatever is the case, I hope it all works out alright for you!! And of course thanks for all your hard work and dedication in subbing all the videos on this blog!

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