[HD Fancam]100618 Wonder Girls @ MBS Showcase Singapore

My girls did a great great show last night .. they all look amazing, sang very well ( but i’m still love Yenny is the best haha, sorry cause she is my bias haha, Yenny is the best beautiful girl lol ).

Thanks so much SteveAu for sharing HD fancams for wonderfuls, we love and thank you so much ^^. I do not own this fancam, i just upload it and share here. All fancams were taken by StevenAu

The List song Wgs sang at showcase :

1) 2DT

2) Don’t Cha

3 ) So Hot

4) This Time

5) Nobody

6) Tell Me

Just 6 songs but we had fun last night rite ? ^^

Link here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OQPADB00



35 thoughts on “[HD Fancam]100618 Wonder Girls @ MBS Showcase Singapore

    1. Don’t understand, i know from ownner but …
      Nevermine download fast, Thank pike for shared
      and Thank StevenAu for shoot our girls and shared to us.

  1. Thanks for sharing this…though its just a fancam but the quality is nice i must say, thanks to Pikeyenny friend (StevenAu) for the fancam and also Pikeyenny for uploading this…same with Pike, Yenny is my fav WG šŸ˜€

    1. it is ok ^^ no problem
      you can share it to everywhere
      cause i only want more people know and love our girls ^^
      more people download wonder girls files will make me so happy haha

  2. Hi all, thanks for supporting my videos! It is wondergirls who brought me into the kpop scene. Now i love kpop alot. Will try to upload kpop artists if they come to Singapore again. Once again Wondergirls rocks!

    1. haha finally you came to my blog, you see ? many people loves your fancam a lot haha
      you made us – wonderfuls – feel so happy although we can’t join showcast that night, but through your fancams, we can enjoy our girls’s perf very well
      thanks you again and happy that you love Kpop love Wgs haha
      we will continue wait your fancams next time if Wgs come to Sing again

  3. Thanks for sharing.
    Yenny is looking sexy knowdays.Like her outfit for 2DT.
    Luv her confidence when she is performing.

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