Happy Together Season 3 Ep 147 (English Subtitle)

Guest : 2PM : Nickhun, Junho

Comment if you download

Link here :Β  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VA59H4AS



176 thoughts on “Happy Together Season 3 Ep 147 (English Subtitle)

  1. ahh!..i am so excited to watch this..thanks pikeyenny…i really appreciate it..hope to see more happy together episode….

  2. Amazingly surprising it was just broadcasted yesterday but now youve uploaded it. Thanks a lot and a lot for your great great work !!

  3. Holy crap! Thank you soo much, I’ve been waiting for this one =D
    I wish all of them could be on it together… that would be soo much fun!
    I want to see more Chansung and Junsu though…

  4. Ohh~ yeaah~
    thx so much, I didn’t had the intention to watch it
    but since you subbed it haha πŸ˜›
    it’s been a while I watched a show with 2PM and I miss them !!

  5. ten ten thank you so much for uploading this. I have waited this ep for so long. I really love 2PM, and i havent seen them in a talk show for long time. I really miss them.

  6. hey at mediafire could you not put the file as .avi.001 you should put .001.avi cuz my com register as 001 file and could’nt watch because of that :((

  7. thnx for sharing :)..i’ve been waiting to see this ep..:”>..but it’s only about half an hour :(..
    thnx a lot :>..

  8. Hi, may i know whats the name of the show stated on KBS world. i cant seem to find the time slot of the show or even the title – happy together

      1. hey thanks for giving me the link but i cant seem to open the website, can you give me a screenshot instead? sorry for the trouble! thanks!

  9. thanks for sharing!
    i missed this eps last week.
    by the way, can i ask you what did u use to record tv show?
    i want to record other kbsw show, but i dont know what to use

  10. hey thanks for sharing!
    i missed this ep last week on kbsw
    btw what did u use to record tv show?
    i want to record some of kbsw show, but i dont know how to and what to use

  11. Thank you so much! OMG I was so excited when I saw that Nichkhun and Junho are one of the guests. This EP is so funny. Love Nickhun! Thanks again for your hard work. I truly appreciated it.

  12. Thanks for the upload!

    It is nice to see some 2PM members appearing on the show, and not just some of the members from the 2AM gang (:

  13. Finally, I found this sub
    Thank you for subbing this show
    I really love Nichkhun ^^
    He’s supreme cute & loveliness
    Always support you!!

  14. first i wanted to thank you for posting it. however, after downloading i cant seem to play it. it says its in the wrong format. any help please? thanks

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