Happy Together Season 3 Ep 146 Part 2 (English Subtitle)

Take out this file with full credit : pikeyenny.wordpress.com (even if you try to translate it to other languages or to make other sub videos). I will stop to update Happy Together if i know someone or some forums take my files without credit.


Rain, Hyori, Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Hara (KARA)


Comment if you download

Link here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GGNC6QQJ


Link Watch Online : Check out here : https://pikeyenny.wordpress.com/watch-online/


212 thoughts on “Happy Together Season 3 Ep 146 Part 2 (English Subtitle)

  1. waaa.. thank you very much for subs, edit, and share…
    this show really hilarious…. Love this XD

    Saranghae Pikeyenny ❤

  2. thank you for sharing second episode happy together with rain but i just confuse where part for junho and nich khun after rain episode finish,thx u

  3. wow thank you so much
    how do u do it? i know subbing/editing/ timer/uploading/ etc… it soo much stuff to do
    how do u do it urself? or u got a group to help u out=]

    u update so many episode of diff show is so great
    thank you so much luve u =]

  4. thanks!..i sure going to enjoy watching it..thanks so much for subbing this..i really appreciate it…can’t wait for more…

  5. yay mf links up already <33 thanks a lot for uploading!
    the first part was hilarious so i bet this would be too ❤

  6. I was so confused as to why this was only 30 minutes long and the next Happy Together was too. LOL So slow. But thanks for the upload!

  7. i just watched the show last night at KBS World but got to stop in the middle because my father want to watch the World Cup..sigh….the rerun of the show will be on this saturday right..by the way thanks for sharing this..

  8. OMG! i really love your blog. There are so many tv series here especially with Jae Suk in it… thank you so much…my sister introduced me to your blog and I am thankful for that..

  9. Thank you so much Pikeyenny!!!!!
    OMG you’re the best and I still cannot believe that you’re going to stop your amazing blog!
    I’ll miss your blog so much and miss you and your subs! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!!! ^^

  10. I stumbled onto your blog recently and I’m sad to hear things haven’t been working out for you, I hope things get better soon!
    Thanks for the upload 🙂

  11. thank you so much for providing d/l links for RAIN interviews w/ english subs – really appreciate it !!! 😀

  12. THANKS FOR UPLOADING! 8D I am so happy I wrote in capslock. Haha you’re so freaking awesome I really appreciate what you do for us K-show fans! ^^

  13. Hey Pikeyenny!!!

    Thank you so much for your hard work in subbing all these awesome shows!!! Really really really appreciate it. Pikeyenny jjang! 😉

  14. I really do not get how to download from mediafire :S Can someone please explain it to me ??
    And thank you so much for subbing and sharing with us 🙂

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