Invincible Youth Ep 30 [English Subtitle]

Haha just comment as you always do … I appreciate it a lot all my readers ^^

Bad news : The 3 girls will leave in ep 32 > <  mean that we only can see them in 1 next chapter…

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256 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 30 [English Subtitle]

  1. As you promised :). Yes, Sunny, Yuri and Hyuna leaves the show in next chapter. New members are After School’s Jooyeon, f(x)’s Victoria y Sori.

  2. awesome another episode
    i never knew they left in episode 32
    I always thought they were supposed to leave in episode 30

    thanks for subbing and I hope you continue even after the members change

  3. he thanks very much again! I’ve already spoiled myself watching part of their last episode, although i don’t understand a bit… it’s soooo incredibly sad to see them part… 😦 I’ll miss them…

    please keep uploading, the 4 remaining girls, and the new 3 are worthable enough!

  4. Thanks for the upload!Always waiting for this day. but are u going to give MF link?cos i can’t dl from MU.Thanks alot!

    1. you dont hve to download.. i watch this and i dont download.. you just click the button at the left side saying “watch on megasomething”

  5. Oh man, it’s gonna be so sad to see Sunny, Yuri, and Hynah leave. 😦 But I’m super curious to see the new members and how they’ll interact with the originals! 🙂 Thanks again for subbing!!

  6. it’s so so sad….T_T….I’ll miss them…a lot..

    well … if you will have the pleasure to translate the other episodes I will be just excited to watch them

    buy the way thans for this episode, great job

  7. Thank you for the upload. You are, so far, the only RELIABLE source of this subbed show which doesn’t require commitments or isn’t shut down. Please keep uploading so all us non-Korean speaking people can follow! 🙂

  8. thanks so much for your hard work!
    and oh man it’s going to be so sad watching the last episode where the 3 girls leave ><

    – ^_^

  9. Thank you for translating and uploading. I know the end is near and i have been a bit mixed on wanting to see the next episode and not wanting to see them leave…sigh

  10. wonder how the show is gonna be after they leave, more than half is done by yuri and sunny.
    now i wanna see victoria and how is she doing in variety.hope it will still be funny

    thanks for the upload

    1. don’t say like this next time
      my MU link always run good ok ?
      sometime it is because your internet, or MU server busy, you must click f5 many times to refresh the page

  11. Bad news : The 3 girls will leave in ep 32 > < mean that we only can see them in 1 next chapter…

    their last appearance is on episode 32 so we get to see them in 2 more episodes, be ready to shed tears cause i watched part of the episodes without subtitles and eventhough i didnt understand it, i feel really sad. won't mention any spoilers here.

    In other note, thanks for uploading IY and please continue to upload them even after the 3 leave. Thank You once again.

  12. nice new background(?)
    i was just pressing the left button on the left side of the internt and i thought i was on the wrong website
    and you changed the background(?) in like 0.1 seconds

  13. Thank you for another episode of IY. I will upload it on my YT acc and give you credits^^ Many people @ youtube are grateful because I share your videos with them. Hope you will continue to upload IY.

  14. thank you for uploading! omg i’m so sad that we only have 1 more ep left with sunny, yuri, and hyuna. they’re my favorites!! 😦 thanks for your hard work!

  15. *sigh*…..i watched the raw ep too…so sad 😦
    gona miss em so much…specially HyunA < thanks for the upload once again ur the best 😀
    and i love the new layout u have 🙂

  16. nice im digging this new layout ^_^ hope you continue to upload IY cant wait to see how the new members are like .

  17. thank you soo much..aww no more sunny yuri hyuna after this..but i hope the new members will be as entertaining as them

  18. is it true that victoria from f(x) will also be in we got married with nickhun????…… really curious………anyway……..1000000000000000 thanks 4 sharing

  19. nice layout..sumthing refreshing…
    yeah…sad that yuri,hyunah and sunny leaving…gonna miss them much..
    thanx for the upload…

  20. THANK YOU SO MUCH. its gonna be sad in the last episode because im gonna miss hyuna’s whining, but then again im excited for the new members

  21. thank you ^^ 2 eps to go.. with 32 being the last one and full of tears ><
    thanks for faithfully uploading IY. i hope you will continue doing so even after the trio left..

  22. thanks again for the following ep of IY.
    I hope that you’ll still continue recording it and upload it for us!

    Also, I’m liking this theme right now compared to the last one. The last one just seemed a little cluttered imo

  23. woW thanx for the sub, i watching the episode 32 and I’m cried 😦 i love sunny , i fell bad for hyomin ….
    thax so much ^^ ❤

  24. First off, nice new theme! I liked the last one, too, but this one seems a bit… cleaner & easier to look at.

    Second, I do hope you continue uploading this! Even if only for a few episodes after the new girls. Victoria & Jooyeon are both cute, and Sori is, well… hot, haha. At least, she was in some of her music videos. It’ll be interesting to see how they interact with the other girls! It might be really awful, but I hope to give it 2-3 episodes…

  25. Can’t thank you enough for subbing Invincible Youth. I was worried where i’d be able to watch it after Soshified decided to stop subbing it….I’m still a fan of IY….hope the new cast will bring as much laughter as before…..IY FIGHTING !

  26. Oh,is it possible for you to increase the volume of the show? It’s really soft and i’m straining my ears to hear what the cast are saying.

  27. Whoa, new layout. I like it.

    Thanks so much for uploading IY, I’m sad to see the girls go but I’m also pretty anxious to see the new cast members.

  28. Newbie here. Thanks for all your shares.

    Yeah its really sad to see the members leave, and, to make it worse, Hyeona and Sunny are my faves in the show T_T

    Somehow I get the hunch the ratings will drop, and poor Hara will practically be on her own saving the ratings for a while (maybe not for too long tho, as T-ara is gaining popularity fast)

    On another note.. why Sori? I thought this show is for idol group members? O_O

  29. Woohoo! Thanks so much! I had caught up with the whole series so this was my first time waiting to see a new one. I love it so much, please keep doing this.

    P.S. I like the redesign! It’s really stylish and more readable.

  30. It’s like our car is about to crash, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Do the new members appear quickly, or does the show take a few weeks hiatus before their episode airs?

    Yeah I know I don’t think that episode has aired yet in Korea.

  31. Thanks so much for sharing another episode of IY. More power:) God Bless!

    Tsk..Yepp. Sunny, Yuri and Hyunah already left IY. I still watched their farewell episode even if it doesn’t have subs. It was really sad:(

    We’ll meet the new members on this week’s episode. I’m looking forward to see how they do.

    Btw..The new layout is really cool^^

  32. as far as i know that sunny yuri & hyuna are still in the 32 episode, that is the last episode for them, i hope you will still uploading this show after they are left, thanks for this episode and i am looking forward for the next episode until the new member are here, cheers!

  33. HI i tried downloading 001 but when i press dl it just refresh e page. do u noe wad e prob??? Thx
    other file hav no prob

  34. wow, 30th already, it’s really make confuse, at other hand want to see new member, but it means time to say goodbye, but, i want to see news this friday, first appearance of new 3 member, 😀

  35. Thanks so much for subbing and uploading this episode 🙂
    thanks for the hardwork to sub this show..

    even though my favorite members will leave the show, i’ll still watch this show..
    thanks for subbing this episode, again.. Thanks..

  36. You’re the best for keeping up with the uploads, and you’re so fast! It’s a sad time with the 3 girls leaving the show, plus KimC also leaving another fav show 2D1N…. Anyways, looking fwd to see G7 works out with the new members.

  37. thanks for the subs as always. though i haven’t been able to comment as much, i appreciate your work 🙂

    sidenote: ep 32 is going to be killer with Sunny and Pooreum -_-;

  38. Wow! The very first thing I did when I turned on the computer
    was go directly to your site and see what’s new to dl. And this ep
    is really hilarious. Thanks so much!

  39. Was wondering if anyone noticed that the audio appears to be slightly out of sync? The first 8 to 10 mins seems ok. It’s not bad but just seem a little out of sync that’s all, was wondering if the original video was like that.

  40. Thanks for the upload! I hope you continue uploading the future episodes even if Yuri Sunny and Hyuna leaves 😦

  41. thank you so much!!!!!!!! you are so fast! everyday i check your site out and it always makes me grin from ear to ear! thank you once again you’re the best! 😀

  42. thanks a lot! thanks for subbing this episode and uploading it..
    can’t wait for the next episode! thanks soooooo much! 🙂

  43. Lol! Love this episode. Thx again Pikeyenny. You never fail to upload all the episode in time. Sunny sooo cute isn’t she? ~ random. :b

  44. plz continue to upload IY
    the upcoming new members will certainly continue the show
    so everyone should anticipate a good show

  45. Thanks for subbing I.Y. ep 30 hope you cont to sub it! love your new blog page ^o^♥ the design is catchy & slick funky fresh really love it … 2 thumbs up to you^o^ ♥

  46. thankyou.. I dont know what i would have done if i didnt find your blog.. nice upgrade. and thank you for your effort and hard work

  47. Hi again, thanks again, cool new design. interesting how i automatically get my mood boosted from going to this site 🙂

  48. Thank you so much for subbing and sharing this to all of us. I look forward to seeing the next episode(s). Don’t know about you guys but when I come home from a hard day of work and see beautiful girls having fun and working hard. I suddenly get a boost of energy. Invincible youth energy ~keeps me going thru the week~ Thanks IY and THANK YOU Pikeyenny!

  49. im sorry but the megaupload doesnt seem to work for me. is there any other websites for me to watch? not necessarily download. but i want to watch! and im new here. so im looking for ep 1 onwards )): thanks!

  50. Thank you very much for the hard work! So 2 more to go to conclude with the original G7 members… so sad 😦

  51. Waaah oppa! Thanks again for bringing us more IY. I can’t wait to watch Joo Yeon’s eps; I hear it’s really really funny, and I hope you’ll keep on uploading, kay?

  52. thanks a lot for subbing and uploading this episode! its so fast! 🙂
    cant wait for the next episode again.. Invincible youth!

  53. Thank you soooo much~!

    I can’t wait to see the next episode, yet I don’t want it to come so fast with the 3 girls gone in 2 more eps. T.T

    Thought I really want to see how the new girls adapt to the farm life in Invincible Youth!

  54. When all hope was gone… (cant find any eng sub for eps30 onwards)
    Found u!
    Thanks for the upload!
    Pls pls pls do continue uploading even after the 3 girls are gone!

  55. *sigh, how i wish hyunah, sunny , yuri can stay in G7, its hard to let them go ;(
    don’t know whether should i watch ep 31 or not xD , save it for the last!

  56. ohw…snsd + hyunah gonna leave iy….
    i will miss the witty maknae producer…
    but i think it will be on 33 when they are officially gone..
    please keep subbing iy & thanks to sub this one..
    this is really entertain as always

  57. thanks for subbing this one!! i definitely will miss the 3 girls leaving =( but i am interested in seeing the 3 new ones as well!

  58. i just found you blog! you save my heart. ahhh…feel relief. lol. thanks so much for you hardwork. i really appreciate. you will owez see my comment soon. keke^^,v
    i subscribe you blog also.

  59. hi, I’ve been trying to play the avi file using window media player but i keep getting the message that codec is needed to play the file. I have tried using both DIVX & quicktime to play the file but no luck still… would you have any idea what codec is needed for me to play the file?

  60. Pls help… I can’t play ep 30. I downloaded ep 16 – ep 29 and it was fine as the video is a windows media player. But for ep 30 it uses quicktime player. I tried downoading all the add-ons for quicktime and keep it updated but all it plays was a pitch black video with no sound on it. Is tis the end of me watching invincible youth..? Pls help me

  61. I already downloaded the satsuki decoder pack.. but there’s another problem. The video freeze and the sound was speed up. When I paused the video it freeze to where the pointer stops and when ………. ok nvm. The video is okay now. That’s strange. I deleted the video and restore it again just to check if it’s working or not but suddenly the video is okay now. Thank u very much EkoTaf. Thank u a billion times for ur help and quick reply although the comment says that u replied to me about 13 hrs and 1 min later… Thank u very much. You are the best.

  62. thx 4 uploading…. have trouble finding IY~~
    erm… i downloaded ep 29 thr’s no problem with it…
    but when i downloaded ep 30-32 thr’s NO SOUND~~~~~~

    HELP ME~~~~

  63. erm could you help me ? i couldnt get ep 30 to work so i downloaded windows media classic , then they told me that i may not have the needed codecs or filters installed and when i played it , only the sound same out , there was no graphics ! HELP ME PLEASE ! ):

  64. ='( im going to miss hyunah & yuri !!! they are my favorites in this show !! ='(

    anyway thank you sooo much for all the episodes ! kamsamida!! =) you’re the best !! =D

  65. even though some of the girls are leaving, and its kinda sad, almost enough to make me tear, i’ll still give you four thumbs up ^^

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