Do You Love Me ?

hahahaha so sorry for my stupid title …. just joking at the midnight haha

OK now is my mess to many people who are uploading my files on YOUTUBE

First, i’m so thankful cause you helped me upload on YTB and people can watch it online ( some people can’t download good so they must watch online)

Second, you always write credit to my blog ^^ … Love You

As i said, you are welcome to post my files on YTB cause i can’t upload YTB so fast and i hate YTB when they deleted too much my acc > <. So now i would like to give you a small favor ( not really is a favor … haha i can’t think of another word > < ).Β  If you want to promote for your YTB acc, ok now is the time for you haha

Please send me your address YTB acc where you uploaded my files, i will post it in here, so many people can know more about your YTB acc and other can watch my files too

I know that not easy to find or to search on youtube cause you guys always must change title of shows, let’s YTB server didn’t know about it ( they will delete if it is a TV shows had the copy right). So from now, you can share it in here, many people will know about it more ^^.

I’m just want to warn the views before that : DON’T MENTION, DON’T COMMENT anything about the name shows on that YTB account, just watch it, enjoy it ^^

For all who want to share YTB acc : contact with me through twitter :Β

Finally ……… thanks you for reading..



18 thoughts on “Do You Love Me ?

  1. Hiiii i know its so off topic but has kbsworld show Win win yet? And btw i will have time in summer so i will help uploading to ytb as well. I might just upload 1 series but will helo ❀

  2. hello i want to contact you about youtube account you noe what was gonna contact you yesterday but didnt know how XD so lucki today u brought up this post hehe

    i dont have twitter D: so can i contact you in anyway else? btw my main youtube account is CharleeMarlyyy (:

    sorry for posting twice i just realised i posted in wrong section TT

    1. aah you are so cute!! i canΒ΄t really upload fast to ytb, but i just had to say this xD
      and of course i love you thank you for always subbing this shows!! i really appreciate your work πŸ˜€

  3. i think there is much love across the world for u and ur blog πŸ™‚

    and the new page layout is nice and simple and very easy on the eyes XD

    btw have u watched the come to play episode with super junior and wonder girls yet πŸ˜› it was a pretty funny watch..specially with the super junior guys playing around!

  4. Hi pikeyenny!!

    I was gonna actually asked for your permission to upload Happy Together episodes on my YT channel, but I was afraid if you wiould allowed that or not cuz I appreciated the hard work u do for us to enjoy KPop ent.. But now that u said this, I will start uploading it (Happy Together episodes) to my channel and will make sure to thank you in my YT channel’s description, not in the video itself to avoid YT hunting both u and I down, alright?!

    Here’s my YT channel:

    Thanks dear!

    Anything, you can message me through my YT channel!

  5. Hi pikeyenny :D,

    Because I just finished posting Eng subbed videos of “Cinderella’s Sister” on my YTB channel, I also wanted to upload the “Happy Together” Ep (142-143) featuring the CS cast… so now I’m downloading and uploading your video of it ^^- thanks again for the english subtitles!! -^o^-

    My YTB channel:

    Thanks a bunch!!/ Kamshamida! ^^

    -Melody (aka: ouch6767, ahonomnomful, cinderellasistersubs… lol I had to create multiple accounts b/c YTB kept deleting my vid T_T”)

  6. Hi pikeyenny ^^

    Thanks so much for posting English subbed videos for the “Happy Together” Eps featuring the cast of “Cinderella’s Sister” πŸ˜€ I appreciate it a lot because I just finished uploading Eng subbed Eps of that drama and wanted to upload those two Eps of “Happy Together” to show how the actors’ actual personalities are, versus the personalities of the character they play in CS ^^ (Especially Moon Geun Young! ^o^)

    My YTB channel:

    Thanks a bunch/ Kamshamida! ^^
    -Melody (aka: ouch6767, ahnomnomnomful, cinderellasistersubs … I had to create multiple accounts b/c YTB kept deleting my videos T_T”)

  7. Hi! I’m going to upload a few Dream Team, Happy Together & Invicible Youth episodes from here. Many thanks in advance. I’ll notify you my account once I’ve finished uploading.

  8. wassup! im that meladane person following you on twitter lol! thanks!
    you are awesome! i was literally reading the subbed IY on top of this topic and I was like “I love you!!!” then I scrolled down and read the title “Do you love me” hahaha

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