100611 [English Subtitle] Happy Sunday – 2 Days 1 Night

too lazy to say anything now .. if you guys like it, ok just comment. thx

Link here :ย  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5BVCUIGJ




64 thoughts on “100611 [English Subtitle] Happy Sunday – 2 Days 1 Night

  1. wow 2D1N !

    Finally someone upload this to the net! thx alot for this! pls keep uploading this …

    pikeyenny jjang!

  2. omg u are uploading 2d1n NOW? i had been getting it frm their forum and the show is JJANG! lol it has the highest rating in koreaa! i dun tink i haf viewed this epi yet. Has Kim C left? =/

    1. Nope, this is the last chapter of the special episode (Coastline) where Kim C is still in the team..and the new episode next week and the coming week will still got Kim C and that is the last chapter with him…The ‘Back To School’ theme episodes…

  3. wow….this is a great news for today…..this show is the best for me… I hope you’ll continue to share this show….plz

  4. Wow.
    it’s crazy. i don’t know what to say….
    it’s 1N2D. Is it your 1st time uploadin 1N2D here?
    if it’s not, where can i find the earlier episode. and if it is the 1st.
    i thank you sincerely~!!!!

  5. As always, thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ – I look forward to watching this.
    By the way, ekotaf, if you ever need help uploading something to mediafire / megaupload, I can help out. I might not be able to do it as quickly as you (thank for your being so prompt), but I can still do what I can.

  6. huuaa …
    First Time I saw the headline …. 2DAYS 1NIGHT
    I’m shocked ,,, but happy …
    this is the first time you upload 1n2d ….
    i like this reality show ,,,
    why you think about uploading this episode??

    hmmm … i hope you can continue to upload another / next episode …
    thank you so much

  7. this is the first time im going to watch this show
    i’ve been watching family outing and family outing 2 and i LOVED it, I miss the Original cast
    Anyways tnx 4 uploading!!!!!!!!!

  8. WOW.. this is awesome!
    Are you going to start uploading this show too?
    I always wonder what the show is about now I can watch it, thanks to you! =D

  9. I like VERY much!
    also one of my favorite shows to watch
    it’s SUPER funny and entertaining
    thank you very much!

    – ^_^

  10. Wough, finnaly pikeyenny upload english sub of 2d1n…
    Thank u so much…
    Keep uploading this vaerity show, plizzzz…

  11. wow…..
    love it
    I always watched it with my brother…
    but lately…i quite busy with classes……I missed a lot
    Thanks to you for uploading it……
    thank you so much…

  12. omggg!! thank you!! =D it’d be awesome if u started uploading this show!, if not its cool, Dream team is my fav =p …but yay โค

  13. Your my lifesaver! I always wanted to watch 2d1n, but I could never find any sites that had them with eng subs. I hope you continuing uploading 2d1n, thank you!

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