Star Golden Bell 1st Grade Class 1 (English Subtitle)

Star Golden Bell Season 2

Season 1 ended, season 2 is coming so hope that you will like season 2 ^^

Comment if you download it

Guest :  Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Eun Ji Won, Ji Seok Jin, Jong Da Eun, Shin Jung Hwan, Lee Seung Youn, Kim Tae Hyun, Cheon Myeong Hoon, Hong Soo Ah, Jong Ju Ri | Guest: Ha Chun Hwa, Noh Sa Yeon, Kim Sae Ah, Kang Soo Jung, Kim Hyoo Jin


Link here :



88 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell 1st Grade Class 1 (English Subtitle)

  1. Thanks for subbing!!

    Hmm wow looks like a lot changed in season 2..I guess I gotta watch it to see if its as good as before.

      1. no he was in a scandal for violating or something like that and went to jail i guess. thats why he wasnt there anymore and they replaced him

  2. Thank you so much for uploading KBS World shows.
    I’ll waiting for Star Golden bell 2PM guests episode.
    Thank you very much.

  3. I’m a bit doubtful about the new look… but I’ll watch 2-3 eps before fully made my mind …
    anyway thanks for the upload you’re the best 🙂

  4. Thank you !!!!!!!!! I know it takes a lot of time to sub these shows and as a non-Korean speaker I’m thankful that you find time to sub/upload shows like this.

    Have a fantastic day =D

  5. Tae Hyun back! The game is less fun without him.
    But, my friend said that the new concept is also less fun.
    We’ll see, thanks to you!!!

  6. Forgot to thank you for uploading this. I must say i liked season 1 way more than this one. Not as amusing i would say. So thx.

  7. nahhh… i prefer the concept on season 1… more artist… not the best episode for me.. anyway, it’s only 1st epsde.. cannt make an early conclusion though.. anyway, thx for uploading.. waiting for anther epsde..

  8. Oh, I’m super excited- I’ve seen screenshots but other than that I’m not sure what to expect…!! Thanks for uploading X3

  9. Thank you! I watched the episode before commenting (basically, I forgot, D: But at least I remembered! xD ). Anyways, I think this season will be very different… I dunno, it doesn’t quite feel as fun. But it is the first episode, so I’ll wait a few episodes before deciding. xD Thank you for the subs, and I’m glad you seem to be continuing with this new season!

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