Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 29 [English Subtitle]

Guest : Minho (SHINee), Junho (2PM), Hyo Yeon (SNSD), Nicole (KARA), Krystal (f(x)), Jae Kyung (Rainbow), Park Sa Im, Lee Jung Min, Oh Jung Youn, Park Eun Young, Um Ji In


Comment if you download it

Link here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NW51D9PC




227 thoughts on “Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 29 [English Subtitle]

      1. my love, you’ve already helped me to check the comment rite ? ahahaha so happy la, i’m lazy to approve every mess hahaha
        you are so fast ^^

  1. why isnt there any subbed version of family outing 2 with Wondergirls and winwin(only 3 parts there) & Come to play with SJ. searched everywhere. not a fan , but its interesting. know its hard now with utube. is there any fansubgroup who is bisy with WG? link pls!

  2. Thankkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuu veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I really loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee JUNHO.

    Ye! Te! JUNHO fighting!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing… Hope u will always continue to upload Let’s Go Dream Team…. =]
    Appreciate the hard work guys….

  4. what we have to do after comment??
    wait for ur approval??
    sorry..i make to many comment..
    this is my first time i want to dwnld from ur post..

  5. Thank you SO MUCH again for sharing !
    A Dream Team episode is feels so good.
    Now I can’t wait to see the next one !

  6. Thx for uploading with mediafire coz i’ve never success with megaupload..
    hope you can continue upload with mediafire too for nx tym:)
    Million thanks!!!!

  7. thank you for uploading Let’s Go Dream team..=D
    i love dream team very much. so keep upload it. all the episode..hehehe..=D

    Could you upload dream team from first episode? i like Minho Shinee, so i hope you can help me to upload it..^_^

    last, thank you very much…=)

  8. uwah~
    that was fast…. eps 28 and 29 on the same week ^^
    i’m taking this too~
    thank u so much…
    can’t wait for the next eps… taeminnie was there, right?? *excited*

  9. Woohoo!! Love this episode SFM 😀
    Thank you so so much for the time & effort in uploading the files! 🙂


  10. i just to say a very big thanks to you..

    finally i found your blog to download all dream team episode..

    keep a great work..

    you’re the best..

  11. I’ll watch anything with SNSD on it! Especially Hyoyeon! LOL! Thanks for sharing! You’re freakin’ awesome!!!

  12. can you reupload the megaupload for this one? O: i really want to watch it, and i cant work the mf one ;X please?

    1. I have a problem tho, I can’t seem to view the videos. I tried it on KMplayer but it doesn’t work either :/ Must I change the format or something? I tried converting the video on youtube downloader but it does not identify the file!

      Plz help!! Thanks ^^

  13. thannnnnnk you so much!
    everytime i knw DT is out~i always visit this blog~
    thank you!youre doing SUCH A REALLY GREAT JOBS!!!<3

  14. Hey ! Thanks so much for your uploads , I really appreciate it ^_^
    Just one question…i tried downloading it…the MU one turns out to be only sound but no pictures…or screen or w/e you call the thing…and the MF one doesn’t let me watch it because when i tried opening it, it was like WMP doesn’t recognize the file and then i tried downloading it again , when i found out that the MF files you uploaded was in some weird file format…it was like part one’s file was ‘001’ and part 2 was like ‘002’ and etc…it wasn’t really in a WMV format…so…do you know how i can watch it? THANKS AGAIN ! =D

  15. Thanks!!! A lot. As always 😀

    Are you planning on subbing ep30? I would love it if you did 😀

    Kekeke. But if you don’t have time, it’s understandab;e 😀

    Thanks for this ep again!!!!!

  16. Thanks for all the stuff you sub, cant wait to watch, i really need to watch all the ep. i skipped, but ill watch this first lol

  17. Thanks for the upload. The quality this episode’s much better . It’s because there’s no commercial , the video and audio synchronize perfectly, and no broken frames.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. thank u for uploading this…^^ i missed the episode last week…^^thx so much…keep uploading it…fighting!!^^

  19. thanks so much for all of the LGDreamTeam subbed videos!! I really appreciate them :)!

    Though I know you don’t take request and only upload the show you like, I wonder if you can share the other previous dream team subbed videos as well? (before the one posted on February 22, 2010) I would love to collect them all especially the one with Minho’s first victory!

    thanks again for your work! 🙂

  20. YIPPI…finally I can watch Dream team with sub n complete enough…

    thanks for sharing…love u so much…^^

  21. Wow thank you so much I’ve been searching for this all over the net at last I found it here in your blog. I hope its okay if I download it and upload it on my youtube account.. I hope you dun mind..^^

  22. Finally I’ve found it! You’re my hero!
    I’m a total fan of Let’s Go Dream Team!
    Thank you so much for sharing! Thank you & thank you again! :’D

  23. wew… thanks for uploading it!! i really love dream team n must have every episodes 😀
    finally i can see minho oppa..
    thanks a lot ^^

  24. thankss a lot i’ve been wanting to watch this for ages and been searching everywhere for this thanks again : )

  25. I actually don’t want to DL this episode but when I watched a cut part on it on YT, I just want to watch Eunhyuk and Minho together…. Anyways, thanks for sharing this good stuff…. greatly appreciated all your work!!!

  26. i wish mblaq was in dream team. hehe. suddenly this thougt popped in my mind 😛
    neways, thnx a tons pikeyenny!

  27. may i ask u something???
    is there only part001 and part004 in MF folder???
    i can’t dload from MU…
    so can u fix the mf file???

  28. i appreciate the sharing but i cant access any of the files,, please update,, i know its too late already,,,, since its 2014 already but please please please update, i wanna watch.

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