Star Golden Bell Ep 284 (English Subtitle)

Guest : f(x), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Brian, Junyoung & Heechul (ZE:A), Kim Jong Min, Jong Ju Ri, Kim Na Woon, Moon Cheon Sik, No Yu Min, Jung Hwan (M To M) , Cheon Myeong Hoon, Jeong Ji Ah, MC Ding Dong, Park Seung Hwa, Heo Kyung Hwan


Comment if you download it

Link here :



114 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell Ep 284 (English Subtitle)

  1. wow you’re sooo fast 😀 i am every time happy if you’re publish my favorites variety shows. good thing you’re subbing them ❤

  2. Thank you so much for this.

    Very entertaining.
    Jongmin was very funny.

    Luna has such a lovely smile.


  3. Thank you so much for the videos!
    I’m excited to watch Star Golden Bell : )

    I especially like the Dream Team videos too!

    I’m so thankful for subtitles and your blog page, greatly appreciated!

  4. Thanks! Luv seeing narsha on sgb! And deres F(x) and kim jong min frm 2d1n rite? luvly cast. thanks again!

  5. thanks a lot for uploading and for the mf links!
    its awesome that f(x) are beginning to show themselves on variety shows
    i miss kim tae hyun 😦

  6. Thank you so much >////<
    really hard to find the subbed one on this show, and I finally find it on this blog

  7. hi, pikeyenny
    i really love your blog
    du you have star king and strong heart episode with english subtitle?
    i really want it so bad …
    thanks 😉

  8. Thank you soooo much!!!!
    Love SGB!!!
    thanks for sharing this…
    I just found your blog and I’m sooo happy!! XXD

  9. i had downloaded from MF link and join it…but it can’t be played…is there anyone who have the same problem as mine??

    1. Hey , you need to verify the size of all your parts before join.Sometimes, MF finish your dowload before the end and the size is different.

      I advice you to use media player classic if you have problems with video.
      Dowload Satsuki Decoder Pack from
      Satsuki Decoder Pack = media player classic + codec

  10. thank you so much for your hard work!! I just found your blog and am looking forward to watching other shows!

  11. Whoot no way! I didn’t know that you also have this! Well now that I see that you have this I guess it will be… Way… LoL I feel weird! Thank you very much for uploading!

  12. Thank you so much for those uploads, I’ve had a hard time actually looking for the stuff you’ve been posting (SGB and IY) XD
    Really appreciate the effort you and the people providing with the upload links are putting into this.

  13. it’s rare to see this sub…. thank you! was so elated to see the mediafire links.. may i know if other parts are uploaded in mediafire? seems like there are only 001 and 002. help is much appreciated!

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