Invincible Youth Ep 28 [English Subtitle]

kaka, i’m so happy cause finally my favorite AS’s member Joo Yeon joined IY, i can’t wait to watch her on IY.  Maybe i should continue to update IY keke…

Thanks so much for all comments, please continue to do it

From now , i will announce on my tweeter all shows which i will post every week. You guys can check out to know what show i will update in my blog :

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198 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 28 [English Subtitle]

  1. thanks so much, i see the info in twitter, jooyeon, victoria and sori, can’t wait for new member episode, i wanna see sori looks alike, :p thanks once again,

  2. u are really amasing…thanks for the hard work…
    maybe I am not the first one who ask you, but could u please subtitle Family Outing 2, the episode with Wonder Gilrs…pleaseeee

  3. Hey….glad to see latest episode up for download.
    Is it possible if the file is uploaded to mediafire?
    I have problems downloading files from megaupload.
    Appreciate it 😀
    Thanx a lot…..

  4. sunnnnnnny I’ll miss you! yuri and hyunah too! I too am interested in Jooyeon! I can’t wait to see her on IY it is going to be exciting. Thank you for subbing!

  5. Thanks so much for all the hard work. Please continue to update this show. It’s so funny! We all appreciate it so much! =)

  6. Ur the best!!! Ur the best!!! Ur the best!!! 🙂

    is this the last ep with original G7 ?? 😦

    Hope New members in IY will still grab ur attention so that u can keep subbing 🙂


    i seriously cannot thank you enough for putting so much time and effort into subbing these videos for those of us who do not understand Korean. You are truly a blessing to us all, and I want you to know that everyone is grateful, even if they don’t say it here.

    I hope that you continue to sub videos for everyone to enjoy, and just know that we will always support you and be thankful for your efforts.

    I<3 IY, and although I'm devastated to see my favorite members leaving, i'm very happy to see jooyeon and victoria!!

    thanks pikeyenny, YOURE THE BEST!

  8. I know this is a little late but I’ve been downloading your subs for IY since the very beginning. Thanks a ton for subbing these. They really can put up my mood. I think there will be either in ep 31 or 32 that Yuri, Sunny, Hyunah will have their final episode.

  9. i have kbs world channel broadcasted through my tv, but the airing time always doesnt accommodate my busy schedule.thanks to you i can watch it anytime i want. thanks.

  10. Thanks!!! I look forward to watching this each week. Yes, it will be interesting to see the cast members.

    Thanks Again.

  11. waaaa kamsamida … tq for ur hard work and i’m really happy that u want to continue update in IY … i really appreciate ^^ tq

  12. you always never fail my expectation. thanks Pikeyenny for bringing us again IY. and please3 continue to upload IY in the future because it is what all people want. love love love ya!!

  13. Thanks for uploading! I’m sad that Sunny, Yuri and Hyuna are leaving but I’m pretty excited to see what the new girls are going to be like. Victoria and Jooyeon seem like really good choices (I’ll reserve judgment for Sori, since I don’t know anything about her). Thanks again for continuing to share.

  14. YAY!!! been waiting for this episode! Ever since the season 1 of family outing ended, this show has been my korean variety show FIX!!!!! can’t wait to see the new members of Invincible YOUTH!!

    Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!!! 😀

  15. thanks again 🙂 i hope you’ll continue to sub IY cause Victoria is joining too and i think she’ll be interesting 😀 but i like Joo Yeon too so keep doing it pls 🙂 HWAITING

  16. Finally we have the new members, although I personally am not familiar with them…it would be good to see how the dynamics will be for the new g7

  17. I LOVE LOvE LOVE YOU. i like jooyeon as well! and i also like victoria so i cant wait for them to join the girls. thanks for continuing to sub IY!

  18. omg!!! i’m so excited :D:D Jooyeon is my favorite member in AS!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaa!!! *dying of happiness :P*

    pleasee continue uploading the show, without you, i just cant live!! :D:D this is the only place where i can download and watch IY!!

    THank you sooo freaking much!! :D:D ❤

  19. And what i’ve been waiting for is right here. thank you ever so much for your dedication.

    i’m really appreciated.

  20. Thanks again for sharing this! I’m curious about how JooYeon and Victoria will do, so please keep supporting this show by uploading those episodes 🙂

  21. ss ơi, e iu ss lắm lắm!
    ss đúng là cứu tin của đời e, vậy là e có thể tiếp tục xem IY nữa rồi 😡
    iu iu iu

  22. I must say, I’m super happy that youre going to keep subbing
    Also, I’m glad that the file is all in one video

  23. no more whining maknae.. and gag dol sunny T_T

    i really hope the new g7 could make up for the loss of the 3 girls….

    thx pike for this episode ^^

  24. Thank you so much ^^ I don’t know much about the AS members so it’ll be good to see her in the show. I can’t wait for Victoria (this girl is so cute) even though I’m going to miss Sunny & Hyunah 😦

  25. Thanks so much for subbing IY and all the hard work you put into it! This is by far my favorite show and I always look forward to seeing it every week! I can’t wait to see Victoria, Jooyeon, and Sori in the mix of things with the original g7 that’ll stay on the show! I’m so curious as to what Hyomin will do now that Sunny is no longer present. Hopefully she’ll grow out of being in the background! LOL!

  26. thanks for the upload 😀
    iy never fails to make me smile
    i can’t wait for the ep with the new members as well
    esp jooyeon she is so underrated in after school

  27. thanks for all the hard work! i’m really happy Jooyeon is on IY now too ^_^ i hope After School gets more exposure now ^_^ I ❤ Victoria too but idk about Sori i guess i should wait before judging her too harshly! anyway i hope you keep uploading IY! thankss

  28. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    O O

    L ____________/

  29. thanks so much!!
    i tried watchin without subs…its just not the same 😦
    keep up the good work ur the best!!!

  30. WAHOOO !!!!! U ARE SOOOOO COOL thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you KEEP UP THE HARD WORK and plz plz plz plz plz plz continue to upload more THANK YOU SOOO MUCH ^_^

  31. OH OH OH OH OH THANK U THANK U omgawwwsshh YAY Jooyeon is also my face A S member and yea plz continue to upload IY episodes

  32. Thank you soo much… 😀
    words cant describe how appreciative i am for ur hard work…
    carry on the good work..

  33. hey thanks for this!! u rock!! but i have a request can u do subs for strong heart!! o do u were i can get it????

  34. Thanks for the subs, it’s a lot easier for those who don’t understand/aren’t Korean to enjoy the show 🙂

  35. Wow thanks so much! You’re so fast with all of this. I’m sure we all really appreciate all of your hard work. Thanks again! Keep up the fantastic work!

  36. I totally admire your work and thank god you still continue subing this show.
    Million thank, I love Jooyeon too.

  37. It is really very sad to see changes in members of G7… =[
    Its just not the same anymore
    Looking forward to the day yuri, sunny and hyunah rejoin G7 =]

  38. thank you so much for this, pike! This ep is hilarious! Thanks for bringing us up to speed w/ IY 🙂
    hope u keep uploading 😉

  39. thank you so much for the subs !!!


    i LOVE LOVE LOVE how sunny had the most responses for their g7 sauces. she is by far my favorite on IY even though i love them all. this show has showcased sunny’s mature and amazing personality. i’m soooo going to miss hyunah, sunny, and yuri. sdfjklfjsd;fjs hyunah was adorable last episode just seeing her smile. and hara was really cute this episode 🙂 jet laggy and spaced out hehe

  40. Yaaahh Jooyeon, I know I know! Isn’t it exciting? So please oppa, won’t you continue uploading IY for us?

    -An excited AS Fan

  41. hello pikeyenny..thanks for subbing IY ^^

    could you upload IY in another format to make the file size smaller?..thanks again
    hwaiting!! ^^

  42. Thank you so much!!!!
    I can’t wait to see Jooyeon on IY, too! She’s my fave member from After School, along with Nana ^-^

  43. taking this one… thank you for sharing…
    BTW, On which eps will be the last eps for Sunny, Yuuri and Hyuna ?

  44. You are amazing keep up the subbing and uploading I am sure EVERYONE in here that is commenting agrees with me that ;]

  45. wow, at first i’m sad because sunny, hyuna and yuri leave
    but after jooyeon confirmed to join this show , it makes me excited again
    can’t wait for your next upload.. thanks

  46. Nice Episode! Thanks a lot for uploading! 🙂
    Cant wait for the next episode of invincible youth ~ keeeeeeee!

  47. Thank you so so much for all the subbed episodes of my favorite shows.
    You really are an angel in disguise. 🙂

  48. I was seriously laughing and crying watching all of them trick Lee Jun. He looked so serious when he was being scolded like a when a child is caught doing something bad by his mom.

  49. oh thankyou so much for this. I wasn’t going to watch this after sunny and yuri and hyuna left, but who am i kidding, i love invincible youth lol

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