100530 Wonder Girls @ MTV IGGY Live In New York

Link here : http://u.115.com/file/t12e3c3498





18 thoughts on “100530 Wonder Girls @ MTV IGGY Live In New York

  1. Hey pikeyenny thank you so much for all the videos.
    I just have one question though. I’m not sure how to download this one. The link takes me to a website in chinese i think and i can’t understand any of it =(
    Can you help me? Please B-)

  2. oh thanks a lot!!! uh can i ask you about dream team??? may do you say what day show this program at week (in kbs world)??? plz answer, i can’t download it, be CUZ my speed so slow and i love dream team!

  3. how come when i DL this file it doesnt work on my media player. do i rename the .avi.001 to just .avi ?

      1. no, i’ m still reply your comment, sometime maybe i’m too busy so i forgot to read comements from my blog because it is too much hahha ^^

        my YTB was deleted, sure, i knew that because YTB do not agree for upload TV shows on YTB hahaha

      2. Sorry, i am sad miss wonder girls and Sun Mi. and worry
        about them too.They go to US many job, they so tried.
        Sun Mi try to study hard for go to university, i think she tried too.

        PS : move to other web ^^ , but on YT i see many TV show on other artist.
        Why they don’t delete too?

        I will contact you by mail will be better than add comment ^_^

      3. it is not ” they don’t delete them”, it is “when they will delete them”. They will delete YTB after 3 time warning, and delete when KBS or SBS or MBC .. channel found their TV channel on YTB. That TV channels will send mess to YTB server and tell YTB server must warn the user and delete after 3 time warning ^^
        So the main point is “when” that account was found that they are uploading TV shows hahaha, they will be deleted soon
        i miss Sun Mi too and i am worring about our girls ‘s health
        anyway i’m happy cause they only come back 2 week but joined many interesting shows ^^

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