Invincible Youth Ep 27 [English Subtitle]

First, thanks so much for all your comments for ep 26 [278 comments ^^].

I will read all your comments and make the decision that i want to continue to upload IY or not on next eps.

I want to watch who is the new member first, if IY is still an interesting, i will upload it


Comment if you download it

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

EkoTaf :




368 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 27 [English Subtitle]

  1. yeaaaaay………..ep 27 is out……………….thanks so much for uploading………….i heard that Victoria from F(x) is one of the new member……….but i don’t know its true or false………well…….anyway……i hope you’ll keep uploading this because i’ve fallin in love to this show………thanks

  2. Woahh ur really fast in uploading. i do hope u continue. Coz ur like the only source i can find for IY! And like u i would wna see who the new members are too. tsk a pity the 3 gers are leaving.. i luv dem lots =/ Well if its nice i will still continue watching IY! If its not i will still support though =x Heh

  3. Thanks for ep 27 😀
    Awwwww Lee Joon ep! Will wait for second part 😀
    And they announced that f(x)’s Victoria is the new member.
    She’s gorgeous! So please continue uploading!



  5. thank you so much!!

    I heard one of the new members is Victoria from F(x) *_______* She’s my bias XD

    I hope you’ll find this show interesting even withoud the snsd and Hyuna >___<

    anyway thanks again for your work!! thank you thank you thank you ❤ ❤

  6. i seriously think IY is still worth the upload even without yuri and sunny and hyuna.. please dun stop uploading.. i really wanna see hara and narsha too.. they’re funny..

  7. thankyou really much 🙂
    please keep continue upload it.i only can watched it here.
    i hope u will keep upload.thankyou 🙂

  8. Thank you so much!!! I’ve been waiting for this episode forever. Can’t believe I missed this on KBS World. 😦

  9. Thank you! I’m glad I found this, now i can go back and watch older episodes. Hopefully you will keep posting. Much love!

  10. Once again, thanks for uploading IY. I really love this show. I wish they also have this kind of shows in the Netherlands.

  11. PLEASE continue to upload IY this is the only source with eng subs for many fans out there..this show has led to to loving kpop and korean traditions…and also the members…my fav memner yuri has already left…but i still love the other g7 girls…please continue to upload iy…thanks soso much..hwaiting! iy fan from singapore

  12. I don’t usually leave comments on websites or other discussion threads, maybe because I’m just an avid leecher. lol

    But I just feel like I have to leave a comment on this one.

    Good job on the episodes! Really appreciate it.

    Hopefully the new members will be as good.
    I’m excited about f(x) Victoria. She’s not really good at Korean, and god knows what she’s getting into lol.

  13. Please, please, please (times infinity) continue uploading and subbing IY till the end! It’s my family’s favorite show out right now! We always look forward to you uploading the show each week! And we thank you, thank you, thank you (times infinity) for your hard work! You’re the best! And if it’s true that Victoria (fx) is going to be in the show, this’ll be great!! I can’t wait to see that! ^_^

  14. i think the new member will still be interesting… I dont think the production crew will make the program down as they also have fun doing this show.
    We also will discover new thing from the new member that we cant know before….

    I hope you will still continue upload IY. Who know, maybe the new member is WG, or any kpop group will join….

    “It was revealed earlier today that f(x)’s Victoria will be joining Invincible Youth.” – taken from

    Thank you for uploading & provide IY until now….

    Youth forever….

  15. Lee Joon *.*
    thank you sooooo much for uploading & subbing this ~ You are my only hope to see korean shows with subs ~ love you ❤ You are the best =)

  16. Woah! THANK YOU SO MUCH! XDDD I can finally understand what they’re saying there~ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU~~ !! ❤ ❤

  17. Thank you for uploading.. i really don’t mind about the new member anymore.. but..i wanna keep on watching the old please keep on uploading them.. 🙂

    as long as the new member can adjust to IY lifestyle.. they’re gonna be ok..

  18. thanks a lot..
    and i hope u gonna continue uploading IY.. this is the only place i can get IY with subs.. i sure even without our aegyo queen sunny,sexy yuri and whinny hyuna the show still gonna be as fun n interesting like now.. so please keep uploading..

  19. Thanks for continuing on with these. IY may never be the same as it was with Sunny, Yuri, and Hyuna but I still think it’ll be worth watching. f(x)’s Victoria is a really good choice for the new cast. Thanks again!

  20. thanks for deciding to continue subbing IY, pls continue subbing it,
    we just hope the fun continues from this show even though some G7 members left. . .

  21. oh youre so fast in uploading !! thankls very much ^-^
    victoria of f(x) will join the cast can you please keep uploading since im a huge f(x) fan 🙂

  22. I think so . I want to know too what are new members who come to G7

    Thank you for this ep and continue upload. ^^

  23. thanks so much for the new episode
    by the way, i heard that f(x) Victoria is the first new mem
    hope u will continue uploading IY
    love u 😡

  24. yeah kind off sad see snsd girls out from IY… but the show still interesting.. i wish u can still upload it.. please… u’r fans from indonesia… hwaiting.. thanks

  25. Yay, thanks for the quick upload ^____^

    please continue to sub and upload IY, i know it’s a big ask, but it’s nice to have something to watch every week after coming back from Lectures >.< (and university exams coming in 1 week, watching IY relieves my stress a bit haha)

    and as far as i know, you're the ONLY RELIABLE source that constantly uploads subbed versions of IY. Sohified Subs will obviously stop (although i can't actually find any IY ep after 23 on there), cause the whole point of their website is to stub stuff with SNSD in it.

    Thanks heaps again ^_^

  26. Thanks so much for uploading! I always look forward to the day a new ep of IY pops up, it always cheers me up.
    I hope you decide to continue to keep uploading because I’m sure IY will still continue to be great. Even with a different cast, the spirit of the show is still the same!
    Thank you for all your work!

  27. i hope you don’t stop uploading IY eventhough without hyuna, sunny and yuri.

    since i watch IY, i fall in love with other members too hyomin, sunhwa, narsha and hara.

    thank you very much.


  28. Thank you so much for taking the time to upload and sharing with us this wonderful show ^__^
    Watching this show always brightens my day and leaves me smiling (and sometimes with a bellyache from laughing so much)

    I hope that you continue to upload this show, because like another user said, you are our only reliable source.

    Well a confirmed member will be Victoria from f(x). But who knows? Maybe WG members will join, after all they did start appearing in variety shows such as Family Outing.

  29. please please please keep on uploading IY, your my only source to watch it.
    1 of the confirm new member is f(x)’s Victoria btw.

  30. The show is interesting enough as long as they keep some of the original G7, I still believe they will return after their “hiatus”,,,

    thanks a bunch for uploading so fast again!

  31. Thanks a lot!

    Now we know that Victoria from f(x) will be one of the replacements. Actually i like Krystal more but Victoria is ok too.

    I hope you will decide to continue upload this program. 🙂

  32. Yes!
    Thanks you for uploading this
    I really hope that you do keep subbing this show even after the 3 girls leave

  33. i really hope you sub the episodes even if the 3 gets replaced..but f(x)’s Victoria will be there so it might be fun.

    thanks as always. xD

  34. thanks a lot ……Victoria from F(x) is one of the new member…but I think that its not official yet.. but soon we are gonna know ^^

    Thanks again

  35. I thank you so much for uploading IY for us all to enjoy and I think, personally, the show is a great entertainment. You’re doing a great job! I’m thinking of continuing watching regardless whether or not Yuri, Sunny or Hyuna is not there because the concept of the show is there. If possible can you tell us where you got the subbed videos from? It’s very good!

  36. thank you! cant wait to watch this! please continue uploading! i dont see narsha and the other girls in much shows, so i do want to see them more here (esp narsha, I just cant get enuff of her adult-dol!) even tho im unhappy abt yuri sunny and hyuna leaving, but please keep uploading IY!

  37. Thanks again for sharing !! I’m looking forward to those who will also join g7 besides f(x)’s victoria.

  38. its all about you.its all about you baby!
    Pls continue to subbed!!!!
    I love IY but i loved it more when Pikeyenny upload all this nice entertainment videos.

  39. Lee Jun’s so cute. R Narsha&Bear trying 2 fool Blank again? Can’t wait 2 c what really happen.
    Thanx a lot 4 stil considering on whether 2 upload IY or not^^

  40. Don’t stop uploading please. I hope one of the replacements is from Rainbow, esp. Jo hyunyoung or No eul


  42. It’s all about you pikeyenny
    It’s all about you baby
    It’s all about you
    It’s all about you yenny

    Verse 1:
    Yesterday you asked me should I continue subbing
    So I told you with a smile yes plz cuz , it’s all about you
    Then you whispered in my ear and you told me yes
    and that made my life worthwhile, it’s all about you

  43. I kinda got annoyed seeing thy made too many hidden camera on IY, especially with narsha…I was waiting for Lee Joon to snap..n dissapointed when he’s x…when 1n2d did it…thy made legend of the terms hidden camera…sorry..I juz cant help comparing the two…coz it is my fav show…my problem with IY…thy dont have enough twist n funny moment on the show…I consider it just as a safe show…a bit plain…I wondered about its TV rating as thy keep mentioning the show is popular, famous n all that…i’m sure thy can be found in naver…but I only understand english n limited korean…so..yeah…cant help it there…BTW, thx for uploading the show…I enjoyed it a bit…

  44. OMG thanks soo much! you are amazinggg! i’ve been looking for this everywhere TT.TT im sooo grateful for you honsetly!!1 *kneels down ..THANKKK YOUU

  45. Hiii Please continue subbing… Thanks for all of your subs… I look forward to them every week. Even though yuri sunny and hyuna will be gone.. they aren’t the only members of g7… many of us care about the other members too.. plus f(x)’s victoria is joining so that should b interesting

  46. once again i gotta thank you for ur time and effort to upload these vids…ur the only one on the internet that is actually reliable ….and i think u can see that from the beloved comment u see from ur loyal viewers….again im very sad hyuna is leaving but i rly do think we sud keep supporting this show in case she returns one day …. thanks again 🙂

  47. Please continue the upload your the only person in the web that I can rely on when it comes to invincible youth…wonder who the other 2 members are

  48. yay for joonie <33 thanks a lot for uploading and EkoTaf for the mf links!
    Victoria should make an interesting addition to the group (althought hyuna and sunny will be irreplaceable) so i hope to will continue uploading ❤

  49. OMG thx alot for the IY uploading. I do hope it still becomes a hit and you continue to upload it. Thx again and thx again in the future.

  50. thank you for everything and hopefully you decide to keep subbing but if u dont thank you so much for all the hard work

  51. one of the newer members is going to be victoria of f(x)!! although I would also rather watch sunny,yuri, and hyuna anyday, im sure invincible youth wont lose its charm!!

    anyways thanks for subbing this episode as well, hopefully more in the future! =( fighting!!

  52. please continue upload usually having problem watching it on KBS because of works..your site make me uptodate with IY..please continue..thank you so much..

  53. thank you so much for sharing the video……
    IY will be more interesting with new member….I think……
    but i prefer sunny and hyuna…….

  54. thanks for the super duper fast upload! 🙂 I download it at my friend’s house in dublin and watch them at the dublin airport (on an Europe trip now). I guess the ppl around me must feel weird because I was laughing a lot when I watch this episode 😛

    so the next episode would be the one where they revealed the new members? hopefully Invincible Youth stays fun to watch

    once again thanks a lot pikeyenny!!! pikeyenny JJANG!! 😀

  55. thank u so much for subbing and uploading it, without u my days would be so longgg
    i hope u can continue to upload and sub the new IY even if sunny yuri and hyuna are gone
    there might be new girls ^.^ that are cool

  56. Hello! Please continue uploading IY.
    Victoria of f(x) will give of a new vibe to the show..

    Thank you sooo much for sharing! =)

  57. thanks for uploading it so fast.i missed the show on early Tuesday morning…i thought it would be aired in the evening.
    and also, please continue to upload Invincible Youth. the show is surely interesting even though some girls are leaving. i too watch it first because of sunny and yuri, but as the show develop, i began to like the other casts. narsha is cute and funny though with her idol image. hara is such a cutie and a joker. hyomin with her endless effort to be acknowledged. sunhwa with her purer image to the extent it makes her a blank (nothing) person…
    and there is taewo who are always joking and trying to persuade the girls to be funny..shinyong who has a mischievous character as she always show.and chief village noh who is always yelling in order to create discipline among the girls. their diverse characters create spices to the show. that’s what makes the show interesting. so hope hope hope so that you will continue to upload it.

  58. finallyyyy !!! i check your page plenty times everyday. This show really do me good ! THanks a lot ! Best wishes for you !

  59. thank you for uploading n sharing…many would love u to upload IY in the future…but totally agree with u, have to see the new line-up then decide to continue watching or not…;)

  60. Thank you! i do hope that you continue to upload these because theyre actually my only chance of watching k varieties with subs but if you decide not to its ok. im just grateful that youve provided them for this long already.

  61. thank you so much…honestly for a nonspkeaing korean, you’re my gateway to korean tv shows, and IY being one of my favorite, i love you to death.

    I can only hope you dont stop subbing these, but i can understand if you choose not anymore when you lose interest in the show.

  62. wow thx for the links!!!! thank you for continuing to update us on IY!!! yes even though yuri,sunny,hyunah were my favorites i still want to continue supporting them and wathing their show… kamsahamnida!!!… saranghe!!.. ^^

  63. wow ur faster den snsd forum! aniw…pls continue… i wanna see if they are as gd as sunny yuri and hyunah or not!

  64. Again, thank you for uploading IY! You are awesome, Pikeyenny! 😀

    Please,please,pleeeeeease, I’m begging here, please continue uploading IY…

  65. Thank you again for uploading IY! I hope you will continue to upload it since it’s the only way to get a sub for it.

  66. i’ve heard that f(x) Victoria is going to join… and for the others two, i havent heard anything, but i’m sure that IY will always bring us joy even thoe the 3 are gone, so please continue uploading it!! 😀

  67. Thank you for the upload 🙂
    Yeah its true f(x)’s Victoria is joining G7 but I wonder who the other two will be :O
    Anyways I hope you continue to upload Invincible Youth after the other girls are not on the show.
    Pikeyenny fighting!

  68. thanks for uploading this ep.

    really really appreciate if you can continue uploading the next episodes….
    cheers 😀

  69. pleasee keep uploading IY… I want to see the Wonder Girls in IY…
    I read that maybe they are guests in an episode *.*
    anyway thanks for your hard work =)

  70. NOOO Please don’t stop subbing everyone loves this show and your the best when it comes to uploading IY episodes unnie hwaiting ~

  71. Thank you SO MUCH for making subs for this incredible show. I really hope that you continue subbing this show because it’s such a good quality show. It’s something that I can’t find around the USA definitely (but lets not talk about that). Anyway, thanks again and this show makes me smile, laugh, and cry.

  72. hey thanks for the uploads
    really appreciate it mate
    please upload more im looking forward to see f(x) member victoria
    i dont think theres enuf of her on tv!

  73. thank you, please continue to upload future episodes, like you im also a Hyunah fan and sad that she is leaving along with the SNSD girls, but the rest of the cast already became dear to me also, please continue uploading

  74. I would love it and really appreciate it if you continue to upload Invincible Youth after Sunny, Yuri, and Hyuna leave. Luna from f(x) is supposed to be coming on board I believe. I hope they get a few more people in too, especially someone from After School :X

    Thanks again!

  75. thanks so much for the upload and subs
    your work is very much appreciated by me and everyone here
    keep it up ^________________,^

  76. Thx so much for the fast subbing! Please dun stop subbing… I love IY! im sure many followers think the same way too! Hwaiting!

  77. thank you so much for uploading and subbing.
    if it’s not too much, could you upload “vitamin” shows as well?

  78. Please continue subbing IY even with the new members.
    You are the only source for us who can’t fully understand
    Korean. I’d be glad to help in any way I can. xD

  79. Can I get a different link for episode 1-13 not the ones with HJsplit just the ones with part 1 full and part 2 full

  80. thanks for uploading IY since the beginning you are the best!
    plz….plz….plz…could you upload ep 28?and i’ve heard that they will stay until ep 30 and i’ve watched ep 28-30 but there’s no eng. i’m counting on you coz your the one i could count on…though it is sad that they will stay for only 3 eps left but maybe there is something that they are preparing wherein we could enjoy…thanks..

  81. Thank you so much for helping us to sub IY. Hope you’ll continue to do it(at least till hyunah leaves:P ) Awaiting for you to sub episode 28 for us. Thanks for your hard work.

  82. man i cant wait for who 2 other members who could it be im guessing someone from after school hope its nana ^0^ shes HOT!!

  83. I really do hope you continue posting subbed versions of IY! I love this show and you make it so much easier to watch!

  84. Thank you so much for sharing..
    Please don’t stop subbing IY.. (bowing)

    Do you also subbing Strong Heart??I really like that variety show,,but it’s kind of hard to fing the eng sub version..

    Once again thank you and keep up the hard work..Fighting!!^^

  85. Well, just for PikeYenny info,

    The new members will be :

    Victoria – f(x)
    Joo Yeon – After School

    well, got Joo Yeon from AS, so i think it will a bit interesting 😛

  86. Thank you so much for you subs! I know that many fans are definitely going crazy looking for subs, and I really appreciate all the hard work you’re doing!!
    It’d be selfish of me to ask you to continue on subbing, but do know that you’re completely sharing the IY love around. 🙂
    But if you decide not to (even though the new members sound interestingg…), thanks for all the hard work up until now!! ^^

  87. Another very appreciative person here thanking you for subbing this series. Here’s hoping the series keeps going from strength to strength and that JooYeon, Victoria and Sori can fill in the big shoes left behind.

    Thanks again for the subs 🙂

  88. thank you for subbing this show, I hope you continue subbing this cuz I still want to watch the old members and the new member Joo Yeon

  89. Thanks alot for uploading IY. its pretty sad that 3 members are leaving 😦 Sunny was my fav. bt i still hope u will continue to upload the upcoming episodes of IY.

    Really thanks alot ^^

  90. Hiya!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful program ^^
    I think you should keep uploading it because although some of the original members are leaving i think the remaining G7 members are going to be fun to watch and tbh as long as Shinyoung stays it’ll defo be funny ^^

  91. please do continue subbing and uploading, i have a feeling that the new members will be just as great as the original

  92. Please upload IY for us who couldnt understand Korean… Your our only hope in viewing this with subtitles… We appreciate all your hardwork… Fighting!

  93. pls don’t stop uploading!! i really like IY a lot,, and i know deep inside u all do too.. ^^
    pls don’t stop uploading!! i also love all the other members left TT.TT

  94. Thanks for subbing all these episodes so far !!! Really really appreciate it, and i hope that you will continue subbing the episodes 😀

    Invincible Youth hwaiting !!!

  95. Thanks very much for uploading the eng-subbed episodes. Pray that you decide to continue, as your are providing a great service to the community that loves IY. Even if we have access to KBSWorld, their constant schedule changes results in missed episodes. Recently they replaced the Sat schedule and only screen IY eps during the week-day (in SE Asia region anyways) – means ppl who work normal business hrs have no chance to watch the show.

  96. T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U S-O M-U-C-H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  98. Hi! Thanks for the subs! Please don’t stop subbing 😦 it’s like everyone is not gonna sub IY anymore 😥 even soshi…I will seriously kneel infront of you if I have to! lol No, I will….haha

  99. Thanks so much for the subs
    i know you’re in a dilemma of whether or not to continue subbing IY.. well i think you should sub the first 2 or 3 eps with the new people and make a decision at that time.. and obviously we’ll be commenting to help you make up your mind 🙂
    If you stop subbing i would still respect your decision, but i’d be ecstatic if you did keep subbing 😀
    please and thank yous

  100. the ep26 almost 300 comment..pls cont sub until the end of the show..because u only the one that uplaod IY with sub english version..wee all really rely on u pls continue the good work..

  101. Thank U for ep27
    I hope U still upload IY. I think we should see how the new members blend to the former member. We should give them chance anyway.

  102. hi, im a fans of snsd (sunny n yuti of course)
    please sub another episodes please…at least until that 2 people gone 🙂

  103. thank you so much for this upload!!! it really means alot to us non korean fans who want to keep updated with IY !! FIGHTIN!!!

  104. Hi. Thank you for the upload 😀 btw. can you upload it to media fire? because they didnt let me download from megaupload any more T.T thanks!

  105. Hi,

    Is this the episode where they had to collect fish?
    Or is this the one with Lee Jun from MBLAQ?
    many thanks in advance

  106. does anyone have the same problem as me?
    i downloaded the 1st part twice already and both times it stops downloading after a while, so its unfinished..
    can you please check pikenney…

  107. what a great show… 4 me this is the best show after f.o. keep your hardwrk i really enjoy watching it…. -_0

    1. i already downloaded file part2.wmv.001 and file part2.wmv.003, but i cant join them, coz i dont have file part2.wmv.002! cant download, why???

  108. dwloaded it, i cant really complained abt the quality since im more than happy to be able to cont watchin this show. tyvm =D

  109. i dont get the part 1 wmv.001 andpart wmv.001 i rlly dont get wtts the diffrence in the others and idont no wht to download plz help me!

  110. Thanks for all this tv show. I searched those withe Lee Joon for a long time with english subtitle. I’m very happy to find them here, thanks a lot.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  111. thanks for posting. i can’t see the real subs of these in because i need to post there to be able to watch episodes 23 onwards. but i wished you could have reposted the one in soshified because it is more detailed. is it illegal? well anyway, thanks for posting… iheart invincible youth

  112. I feel so bad for Jun but it was really funny & great to see that he can just laugh it off in the end. I was also impressed by how they caught fish.

    Invincible Youth is just such an amazing show. Its opening up my eyes to a completely different culture far from my own in the city.

    Thank you PikeYenny for sharing!

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