100522 Wonder Girls 원더걸스 VS Girls’ Generation (SNSD) 소녀시대

Please No Bashing , Just watch for fun


15 thoughts on “100522 Wonder Girls 원더걸스 VS Girls’ Generation (SNSD) 소녀시대

  1. the whole thing about the competition between WG and SNSD is ridiculous….. this is JYP and SME competition…
    I think that if girls should have the opportunity to make some activity together, like the girls in Invincible Youth, they would become friends…the companies should use this opportunity to gain popularity, not some stupid show that do not prove enithing

  2. @chupa_chups i couldnt agree mre! Taeyeon is gd frens with one of the WG. was it yubin or who. i do knw frenships could be seem frm different companies! =D

  3. of course WG and SNSD are competing but competition is a good thing, competition is not about hate and dislike each other but it’s about dig their full potential. yes they are friends but they could have a healthy and friendly competition. btw everybody loves WG and SNSD so screw the competition, just enjoy the two leader of korean entertainment industry

  4. would you upload the video from dream concert?
    i really want to watch it T.T

    please please please please^^.

  5. what did the 3rd vid want to say, what is the meaning of these number (WGs 7 vs SNSD 5 ~ 13)? I also saw ‘yoona’ and the number 13 below. what does it mean?

  6. I did not understand much but I guess it ended with SNSD’s victory? I’m neither(SNSD or WG) biased so I am hoping to speak from more of an objective perspective. I find this comparison to be quite silly. The group with the higher number in members has a greater possibility to win. More members to be a fan of, more girls to choose from… Also, WG hasn’t been in Korea for a while now and people tend to forget, have a change of heart pretty easily. As they say ‘out of sight out of mind’.
    Both are very talented and entertaining in their own different ways.

  7. i couldn’t watch the vids as they had been removed.

    and I want to ask.
    Did you make up these vids??
    if not, on what show was this battle held?
    it’s a recent show, huh?

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