Invincible Youth Ep 26 [English Subtitle]

Please read before you download this ep :

As you know that Huyna, Yuri, Sunny will leave IY. Huyna is my fav member so I’m very sad about that, and i am thinking should i continue to upload IY after they leave ? G7 won’t be G7 anymore. So from now you guys, do comment more and show me that you still love IY and want to watch the next eps. If not, I will stop to upload IY after the episode 3 girls leaves.

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341 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 26 [English Subtitle]

  1. Yeah, Sunny was my favorite; but at least wait and see who the replacements are first before you make any decisions.

    1. Please continue upload IY.I love this show and still watching this even though some member are leaving.

      Thank for your hard work for the other who can’t see kbs world.

  2. I think it will still be a good show after the cast changes 😑 the new girls won’t be able to replace the losses but they will still do well πŸ™‚

  3. I’m really thankfull for ur works !!
    If u don’t have the heart to uploading IY just don’t but if U have time or nothing to do just upload it ^^

    We will support u ^.^

    Ps: I’m glad that Wonder girls are back !!!!

  4. G7 really won’t be G7 after Sunny, Yuri, and HyunA leave TT__TT but i still want to watch the show and give the new girls a chance before deciding anything ^_^

  5. Thanks for the subs and hard work, I loved this show after i watched the first episode and although they wont be g7 anymore i think it will still be a great show. I would appreciate if you would continue to sub it please :). With that said i will continue to love this show even with new members and i love it so much as to where i would watch it without subs even though i understand very very little. Please continue to support and sub invincible youth! Who knows, the new members might bring a different and just as good atmosphere as the original g7 had.

    pikeyenny.wordpress fighting!!!!!!

    1. Totally agree with you.
      Although G7 won’t be the same, it’s still an awesome show.
      Plus the new girls might just catch us off guard :O

  6. Please, please, please continue to upload IY. This is the only place I know that has it! The show will definitely be different without Sunny, Yuri, and Hyuna but I’m hoping they will soldier on, get some decent replacements, and focus on strengthening the show. Thanks for the uploads!

  7. OK lets wait and see what new members will join. Then discuss it? πŸ˜› But well, IY is an awesome show and the concept is great. I personally believe that the new episodes without Sunny Yuri Hyunah will be absolutley worth watching and still will be an enjoying show.

  8. sunny and hyunah were why i watched the show. but soshi subs is not going to sub IY anymore after the soshi girls leave so i think you’ll be my only source. i’m still undecided about if i want to watch or not though.. depends on who joins.. i’m going to miss G7 😦 ty for the subss!!! ❀

  9. i does not really bother me really. But please keep uploading Dream team, i check ur website like 10 times a day hoping i would see Dream team … btw do u knw if ‘come to play’ is a KBS program??

  10. Yeeah G7 won’t be the same but I hope it’ll still be entertaining. Please continue to upload! I would really appreciate it. I’m gonna miss watching Tae Woo hit on Yuri :[

  11. Thank you for the Upload
    please please please continue on uploading IY cause I don’t know any other site that will upload it and Soshified will stop subbing IY when Yuri and Sunny leaves.

  12. GAHHH, I’m sad too that the three girls are leaving, but I still want to continue supporting the remaining members of G7 so please continue subbing because I’m greatly appreciating your hard work on Invincible Youth πŸ™‚

  13. thank you so much for uploading IY!!!!!!!!!!!!! please don’t stop uploading after the three girls leave!!! i really enjoy this show and i hope the new girls that are casted can fill the huge void left by hyuna, yuri and sunny.

  14. thank you much!!! please don’t stop subbing! they might be leaving but the other members are staying!!! and you never know who else might join!!!

  15. while I am thankful you are translating this, but just so you know soshi subs have been translationt this show from the start, so right now we kind of have a duplicate… but i am sure after yuri and sunny leaves, they wont because they mainly translate SNSD stuff.

  16. please continue to release iy episodes and hyunah is my fav member too but i wan to continue watching iy thank u very much

  17. Please continue uploading, although i m sad too coz i m a fan of Sunny. but i will still watch this show even though it mayb as fun as now 😦

  18. Please keep subbing invincible youth! Sure those girls would be missed very deeply in our hearts… but that doesn’t mean the happiness and joy needs to end! And who knows, perhaps the new members will provide an entirely new and unique form of entertainment and develop a comfortable place in our hearts! The fans of invincible youth will have a chance to inquire this possibility, but only if you continue to provide high quality subs! I will truly be genuinely grateful and appreciative of your subbing efforts.


  19. i know its sad when your fav member leaving this show..
    and g7 will not g7 anymore
    but this show has already in my hearth..
    so please continue upload IY because only from your blog i can watch this…
    thanks and fighting!!!!

  20. please keep uploaing 😦
    my fav members were narsha > hyuna > sunny > yuri
    in that order.
    so having 3/4 of my fav leave sucks
    i hope they get good people to replace
    but it will never be the same
    G7-2+2i = </3

    please continue! you're work is much appreciated

  21. =O!! I know what you mean actually, I fell in love with this show since episode 1. And I’m a bigggg snsd fan, so I’m a bit disappointed that yuri and sunny are leaving, and hyuna is actually like my 3rd favorite on the show too. =( Aww, I’m sure we can still enjoy it though, i mean the other members have their own quirks and charms too right? And hyuna,yuri,and sunny are leaving to do some promotional stuff overseas so perhaps they have some great sutff planned for us as well! πŸ˜€ Please keep subbing? =(

  22. pike, i am sad too. Next i can’t watched Thai sub which thai sone make it.
    I understand your feel and your hard work . pike fighting. ^_^

  23. Hyomin and Sunny are my faves, and to be honest I don’t know if I would continue watching this show as well. I think I’m going to see who the replacements are and watch a few episodes of them before making any decision. I’d really appreciate it if you upload new episodes without them, well at least the first few????

  24. there’re still 4 of em then, narsha,hara,secret girl idk the name, and yomin please keep uploading it !!!

  25. i feel sad for hyomin-ah. seeing her sunshine leave the show. please do upload nxt episodes of IY cause i wanna see how hyomin does w/o sunny. she was just becoming one of my faves after her variety skills sky-rocketed.

  26. please don’t STOP!!
    please don’t STOP!!
    please don’t STOP!!
    please don’t STOP!!

    I really enjoy watching the chapters XD

  27. sunny, yuri, and hyuna unni are the reasons why i watch this show 😦 no more expert chicken catcher, whinny maknae, and yoga teacher .. hikshiks.. but i started to like the other members too, the other G7 members must be hard to let them go, especially hyomin and hara because hyomin loves sunny so much and hara-hyuna are the best yuchi-gag couple ever.. so keep subbing and uploading.. i’ll keep supporting the least G7 πŸ™‚ Thankyou so much for your effort.. do you know how i always smile everytime i open your blog? you always made my day with your videos.. keke^^

  28. yep.. i also like hara in IY.. so pls continue to upload the show.. and who knows wondergirls might join IY? thanks for all ur hard work in uploading.. really appreciate it~!

    1. this is the comment i like hehehe, yes i always hope that my wgs can join this show too but too pity that my wonder girls are busy with their promotions oversea too ^^, so it can’t become true ^^

  29. Please dont stop recording & uploading IY, ur the onlt hope I have to watched the subbed ep of IY, if u stop uploading it then I do not know where to get my dose of subbed IY ep

  30. please don’t stop, at first i’m so sad hearing the news, but now i think, it’s for the best for those, if Sunny, Yuri and Hyuna still in G7, when they debut overseas, they will lose many airtime and also, if they shooting for upcoming episode, it may cause they very tired and down sick and can’t give their 100%, so i think it’s the best for G7 and SunYul Hyuna, just hope the best for them, G7 forever, πŸ˜€

    btw, thanks for the episode, πŸ™‚

  31. please continue to upload after they leave the main reason is soshified is not going to sub anymore so whos going to provide all the subs for us non korean and ur blog is FTW as u upload the subs so ploz continue to upload

  32. Yuri and Sunny are my favourites but I will continue to watch because I grew to like the other girls. I will continue to watch. Thanks for uploading and I hope you continue uploading the show!

  33. I hope you can continue to upload this show, its very unique to other variety shows and I really appreciate your hard work uploading these videos. Thanks πŸ™‚

  34. keep uploading, please! The other members are really entertaining, so it’ll still be good. Plus, you’re the only source I know of since soshified will stop. I need this show in my life, especially during my boring summer lol

  35. HyunA and Sunny are my favorites members on IY… but at least we give the new girls a chance first before we stop watching IY… πŸ™‚

  36. Thanks for another episode! Honestly, keep subbing! This is such an amazing and I know it will be different without a few members of the original G7.. but I think newer members could be a good thing too! I remember when I watched the first episode, I thought it was fairly boring and whatnot.. but now I’ve come to enjoy it.. I’ve been watching the episodes slowly because I don’t want to run out to watch. Even without the original G7, Bear Taewoo + Shinyoung will always be there!

  37. thanks for the uploads Pikeyenny! =) i really love this show a lot and definitely love all the girls of G7. i hope you continue to upload this even after the 3 girls leave. my favs girls of the show are hyuna, sunny, hyomin and narsha… the show will def. be different with sunny, yuri and hyuna gone but i will still be watching this show and i will still love it even though it won’t be the same so please continue uploading!! =) thanks a million for all your hardwork!


  38. Well, i hope you can keep on uploading episodes of IY even after the three are out :(….yes, i am sad because my fav in IY is Sunny,Hara & Hyuna…i watched the show because i can watch all three of them at one time :)….

    Now that Hyuna & Sunny are gone, only Hara will be in IY which i think a very good reason for me to still watch the show :)…i hope you can keep on uploading IY…

    *Wondering who’ll be replacing Sunny,Yuri & Hyuna…hope they can select one from each different group…maybe Krystal from f(x), i got a feeling they’ll pick one from Rainbow and maybe HAM…:)…and maybe Nana from AfterSchool….

  39. its too bad the 3 will be leaving, since they were the funniest. But, I am quite eager to see the future lineup so please continue uploading/subbing =)

  40. Thanks 4 being honest with us. haha i dun wna sound too self centered but maybe u could still upload a few and see if u still like IY even after the gers left. I am pretty sure many of us are equally sad that the gers are leaving.. tsk tsk. But we could alwaes hope it might even be a change 4 the btr. (i felt like i’m betraying the gers =x) LUV soshi/hyunah!!!

  41. Plizz keep Uploading this Show,,,

    even i’m sad too because the 3 of them will leave, but because this Show i’m started to like all about Korea,,

    so plizz keep UpLoading this Show for Us,,,

    *still want to see Hyomin and Narsha… ^^

  42. thank you so much for sharing…
    I really like sunny…….
    but….I wonder….if Yuri leave IY, how about kim tae woo ?

  43. Yeah I hope you keep uploading new Invincible Youth.
    Sad that Sunny, Yuri and Hyuna have to go but I’ll still be a fan of the show.
    Hopefully they’ll bring someone with just as much of a personality, if not more, than the girl leaving.
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  44. thanks for subbing this! please say if you fixed it already.
    and please dont stop subbing the show. I’m a BIG SNSD fan and i was heartbroken when I found out that the 2 were leaving but the other members are also promising. Maybe they’ll add really cool members to replace them. To sum it all up, this is a really great show so consider what I said.

    fighting! xD

  45. Thanks.

    But please you have to at least post the show long enough for us to decide if the show has gotten worse or not! Don’t leave us completely hanging if you decide you don’t like the show anymore.

  46. my favorite g7 member is sunny but i hope you’ll keep posting iy bc i love the show generally. also, i want to know how is g7 with new members. thank you very much πŸ™‚

  47. Pls. continue uploading IY because u r the only & best source I can find. I live in Thailand & can watch IY via KBS World channel. However, I’m too old & don’t know how 2 upload IY by myself. So, pls, reconsider, pretty pls. Of course, I’ll always appreciate & b grateful 4 your hardwork πŸ˜‰

  48. Even though theyre leaving please keep subbing it!
    though its not really G7, but i still love the remaining 4 girls..
    So give it some time, and if it really doesnt work out and the show just becomes crappy, then well.. i’ll stop watching it anyways, but .. dont just stop subbing without giving us a chance to see if it has actually become worse!
    i appreciate it and thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  49. I really love Sunny anway thanks for your hard work, just continue to upload if you want to. i will support you. XD’

  50. This show won’t ever be the same again once they leave but it still might be entertaining with new members. I guess we won’t know for sure until we watch some of the episodes with them in it. I do hope you continue to sub and upload this show though and thanks for all the subbing you’ve done so far!

  51. Please keep uploading T___T I really appreciate you for uploading the past episodes but pleaseeee! pleasee! continue T__T Invicible youth family has been very close to me even though that they’re about to split up. I’m really looking forward to who is going to be casted
    pleasepleaseplease keeps uploading <3<3<3

  52. please do continue upload these
    i love this show (eventhough i dont know what will happen when three of the girls leave)
    and thank you for all your hardwork uploading these

  53. please do continue to upload IY after they leave! sunny and hyunah were so awesome on the show, and i was sooo sad to hear that they were leaving, but the rest of G7 are also very lovable in their own rights, and maybe there will be new and interesting members? (heh.. we can always hope..)

    thanks so much for uploading IY thus far, and please please continue to do it! us non-korean speaking IY fans are all counting on you =)

  54. soo sad!!! tsk..tsk.. sunny is my fav g7 member. can’t imagine the show without my sunshine.
    but i still wanna watch the show 2 keep track of the rest of the members. hope u still upload it in the future!! thanx!!!

  55. Hey, thanks for your continuation of uploading Invincible Youth.
    I hope you continue to upload future episodes.

  56. Thank you very much for the uploading. Its true that the 3 girls has given us so much laughter but I still hope that we should give a chance to the 3 new replacements. Who knows? We might get even more laughter with the replacements as I believe that they are going to be unique in their own way.

  57. Who are the new girls? Maybe you will love them more than those left, so please continue to upload this wonderful show :p.

  58. Hey!
    First i wanna say thank you for all ur hardwork so far, i check ur page at least once a day…u r the best!
    And i really would like you to see continue ur efforts with IY because i think the show will still be entertaining πŸ™‚ but i will be a bit sad when the 3 girls leave , i can’t really pick a fav between them because they each bring a specially quality to the show which i will miss.
    If i knew korean I would offer you help..! but i dont :(..I can help with hardsubbing and uploading though..!

    But i will support u with wateva u choose to do!

  59. Thanks for the up. Im not too sure what will happen when those 3 leave…i’d give it 2-5 eps see if it the show is still enjoyable.

  60. Thank you very much for the translations! Thank you so much for all your hard work. It’s much appreciated b/c I don’t understand a word of Korean but I love the variety shows. =^.^= It’s sad to hear that some of the girls will be leaving but…I still like the others too. Like Narsha? Lol. They all give me good laughs. Thanks for your hard work. Whatever you sub, I will watch. lol. Thanks again!!! =^.^=

  61. =O sunny and yuri leaving? So sad! I am snsd fans obvously lols sunny is like the ”Mischievous Devil” of this show to me and after she left the show will be like incomplete and taewu will be so sad after yuri left….

  62. Please keep uploading IY. I am sad as well, since Sunny will be leaving the IY cast and she is my favorite member 😦 In my heart, G7 will always be the original seven girls
    But maybe the new members will suprise us and it may still be fun to watch the show.

  63. i know how hard it is for you to sub these episodes but i really appreciate it! there are even shows that i didnt watch at first but because you subbed them i gave them a shot and now check your site everyday for new videos. i hope after the 3 leave the replacements can be just as entertaining and make this show still enjoyable for you!

  64. Thank you for the subs! Like many others, Sunny is my favorite. It is heartbreaking to see her leave the show, but I am excited to know who will replace the 3 that are leaving. Hope you will continue to sub this show. Thank you for you hard work!

  65. Thank for uploading the IY,Please keep uploading video,Its sad news that Sunny,Yuri and Hyuna leaving,its really sad to see they leaving
    Peruem must really sad
    KImTae woo leave Yuri
    Hyuna leave Yuchi

    but the shows must go on
    Please keep our support to Invincible Youth .

  66. come on now, don’t stop. nobody will be subbing IY anymore, SOSHIFIED will drop this show since SNSD members are leaving. you’re our only hope. so don’t stop subbing it. thank you.

  67. Actually I do watch “IY” because HyunA.
    but I think you should keep uploading IY, may be a new member can make difference in IY.
    If wondergirls is one of the new members, I hope so it SoHee. ^ ^.
    but it is quite impossible, because wondergirls is busy with the promotion of new album.
    but in honesty, I still love the original members of the G7.
    All this is up to you whether you want to upload or not.


  68. Well firstly I appreciate you uploading this show. Thanks for all the episodes and trouble. But I also think you should keep uploading this show because the others are still very funny Although Hyuna and Sunny (the ones I like) are gone. I wonder who the new ones are. And I think you should give it a chance right? ^^ Anyways keep up the hard work!

  69. Thank you for uploading!

    even though it won’t truly be G7 anymore, I think it will still be interesting to see the new cast and what they do.
    IY isn’t ALL about the cast, though it mainly is, but is also about teaching idols to be self efficient.
    So, maybe we can just consider the change in the cast as Invincible Youth Season 2! ^^


  70. thanks for all your hard work until now. I really want you to continue uploading IY because I really like all of the G7! It’s sad that Hyuna, Yuri and Sunny will leave but I think the rest G7 are my favorites too. so I hope you will continue uploading IY. thanks

  71. i read on allkpop..only Sunny and Yuri are leaving right?
    Hyuna is stay in tact on the show..
    but again, I will watch IY no matter what..I have stuck with it too long to let it go just because few members are going πŸ™‚
    And, Narsha is still there !!! I love her πŸ™‚

  72. 100000000000000000 thanks 4 sharing………….i really appreciate if u keep uploading this show…… is kind of sad that Sunny, Yuri and Hyunah will be leaving the show……….but i really like the show concept and other g7 member as well………so if its not giving you any trouble please keep uploading it…………..thanks for the hard work

  73. please keep uploading IY!!!!! there will still be the 4 original G7 so i guess we can watch them and give the new members a chance!!! πŸ˜€

  74. No please don’t stop subbing IY. It is the best show even without the full G7. Plus Soshi will sto subbing them! ATleast test sub them to see if its still a good show.
    Thanks for the subs.

  75. Plz upload IY eventhough 3 of them are not anymore G7. Ur blog is one and only that upload korean tv with subtitle

  76. when i first heard the news.. i totally hate it. i hate IY. Hate the upcoming new G7. hate the PD of IY.

    But then…come to think about it now.. it’s not IY fault that they have to let go of hyuna and sunyuri..they’re busy and as snsd fans..i’ll support them in whatever they’re doing. and hyuna the PD..
    i ‘ll definitely miss her.

    now..i think i’m gonna support IY.. even with new members.. because IY still got Hyomin.. and i love hyomin’s love towards sunny. πŸ™‚ and narsha..sunhwa..hara..shinyoung.. they’re all sunny’s and yuri’s friends. and i love them!

  77. So sad. Sunny is my fav, but i still want u to upload IY. Please continue to upload IY, but whatever your choice, i want to say thank you very much!.

  78. although i can watch IY on kbs world, but i want to keep IY for my own… so please keep uploading.. to ekotaf.. u r great.. i only download it on mediafire… so thanx u very much…

  79. hey please do continue to upload invincible youth!!!! you are kinda my only hope of continuing to watch invincible youth.. yes its gonna be really different without sunny hyuna and yuri but still we should try our best to support the show as much as possible.. its not the show’s fault anyway since its the clash of the schedule.. so will really appreciate it if u continue to upload subbed episodes of invincible youth.. many many thanks!! =)

  80. i’m thai fanclub
    After Yuri Sunny HyunA leave of G7
    i’m sad
    SNSD thai fansite make Thai Sub but without snsd in G7
    No SubEng From Soshi & SubThai

    I think , i will make sub thai but i’don have EngSub
    i hope use KBS World Sub but i can’t not recorder
    also i will use SubEng KBS World from Yoursite

    I Very Very Very Love G7.
    I Love IY

    even without Yuri Sunny HyunA but G7 are G7 forever
    Remember by heart

    *** My English Not Work , Sorry ***

  81. Yeh i’m sad too, hyunah, yuri, sunny leaving suddenly make me lost half of my interest in this show, and due to the oversea activities then most likely Hara will leave too, since Kara also goes Japan.
    but pls, this is my most favorite show, pls keep uploading it 😦 although G7 is not G7 anymore after those leavings but still miss other members like Narsha, Shinyoung… 😦

  82. Thank you so much for subbing and uploading! Please continue on subbing and uploading even though there will be a big big change.

    To all those who love IY and G7, FIGHTING!!!

  83. Hi, its y first time commenting here.

    I love IY! actually, i only started watching it because im a very big fan of SNSD, but even though Sunny and Yuri (and of course the maknae, Hyunah aka Maknae Producer Kim) i still want to watch IY, I still want to know whats gonna happen to greeny, goo hara, narsha, hyomin, sunwha, kim taewoo, shinyoung and Noh Johyun, i really hope you continue to Sub.

    Thanks for subbing!!!!

  84. pleasseeee don’t stop !!!
    my love sunny will leave and i’m so sad too … but i still wanna know how this program will be … i’m always grateful that you upload this … so it would be great that you continue to upload it.

    Thank you so much for your kindness πŸ˜€

  85. Thanks again for sharing this and please keep sharing these episodes! Too bad that my favorite girls are leaving the show. I hope they get some great replacements, though G7 won’t be the same anymore.

  86. Please, please, please continue to sub IY! I know Sunny, Yuri, and my favorite too, Hyunah are leaving, but I still will and love this show! I can’t wait to find out who the new members are…personally, I’d love to see Nicole (Kara) and Eunjeong (T-Ara) become the new members. And if they accept male idols, Jo Kwon would be freakin’ awesome!!! IY Forever!!!

  87. thank you very much for uploading this once again.

    I totally get what you mean about G7 not being the same when the 3 girls leave. This show, in addition to already being a pretty awesome show was even more amazing because of the strong bond, g7 dynamics and interactions between all the girls and the 3 MCs. That’s one of the main reasons why I love watching this show so much. It’s very heartwarming to see the bond they have. I gotta say that I was very sad at the news 3 of them would be leaving and so I totally understand where you’re coming from. Still, i hope you still try to upload IY in the future cos the show itself is awesome and the other 4 and the MCs will still be there. Also, you’re the only site I know that will continue having subbed IY episodes for us fans to watch(since ssfsubs will most likely stop subbing when soshi leaves the show). Maybe like what everyone says, just give the replacements a chance and then make your decision?

    I really hope you decide to continue uploading but whatever it is, thank you so very much for doing a good job uploading so far. you’re awesome. ❀

  88. This is my favorite show. I’m very san that Sunny and Yuri leave the program, but I want watch the show even without them, I love it, please keep to uplouding. Thanks for you work, I really apreciated.

  89. NO NO!! Sunny, Yuri and Hyuna are like the funniest!! i love themm soo much!! But in order to support the G7 girls that are left, i will still watch it, it’s so funny, so please continue uploading it!!


  90. it really happy to watch IY, but the problem is downloading it is hard, is it possible for u to maybe convert to a small sized mkv file before uploading, it would be very2 much appriciated..(my internet connection is very slow, new administration’s fault)

  91. i know it is going to be hard on you seems as u will have to upload it twice, but it will be a lot of help and i bet a lot more people can have the chance to download it. thanx a whole lot

  92. hello! please do upload even after the girls left. i am personally a fan of yuri and it saddens me that she’s leaving IY. TT.TT but still, i want to see more episodes, please do consider uploading again!

  93. I say continue, even though we all agree that g7 will not be the same but on the other hand it would be unfair to judge the new team as inferior. We still have the remaining 4 so I suppose we owe it as fans to give them a shot at entertaining us like they’ve done since episode 1. Who knows? They might even surprise use and end up as good or even better.

  94. Please continue to upload IY please please you are our last hope!!! I first watched IY cos of yuri and sunny but through this show i have grown to love g7, tae woo, shinyong, village chief noh, road lee, wangoo chief and all the animals and so much more… and also k-pop… and if soshisubs dun sub this anymore my iy fix would be gone.. seriously no variety show can make me laugh and enjoy it like iy, no yuri sunny and hyunah oh man…so thank you for your hard work in uploading and pls keep on uploading iy pls pls…kamsahamnida and hwaiting!

  95. Please, please, please continue to upload IY….i love this show.. I whant to se Hara and Hyomin.. ><

  96. As a IY fan I BEG you to keep uploading, as much as i heart Sunny/Yuri/Hyuna’s departure I still love the others and most and more important! I COULD NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE TO DOWNLOAD IT!

    For the sake of us, non Korean speakers! please don’t be cruel 😦 or else I’ll have to imagine what they are talking about…

    Love your blog by the way, keep up your good work πŸ˜‰

  97. OOOOO THANK U SOO MUCH FOR UPLOADINGG!!! and i hope u will continue u to upload IY even tho sunny, yuri, and hyuna are leaving! SUnny is my favourite and i kno its hard to upload these but i think u shud, by god wats gonna happen to hyomin?!!! Shudnt we watch and see!??
    but if its to hard for u then dont continue to upload, but i truly hope u continue:D

  98. Thank you for this ep! And pls continue uploading IY!
    Hyuna is my fav member too, and I think it will be a bit boring without Sunny,Yuri and Hyuna but I’m sure new members will be fun.

  99. Your hard work for IY has always been keeping me happy !! I’d love it if you could still post them up on your blog πŸ™‚ Thanks to your hard work we can keep watching IY… I hope with the change in a few members doesn’t discourage you to keep posting them

  100. Thanks for the hard work in uploading Invincible Youth.
    I hope you continue to keep uploading Invincible Youth in the future.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  101. Please continue you’re hard work with uploading IY i love this show and would hate not being able to watch even though i love the 3 girls that will leave i still want to support and watch the other girls.

  102. well thats your choice if you want to continue subbing but im guessing your movtivation to subbing it was hyuna cause shes your favorite. You probably wont feel movtivated to sub it . After the three are leaving ( all three are my MOST favorite :[ ) Im not watching it anymore so sm would know they need them to come back well thats what i think. Its still your choice

  103. thanks for the upload once again.

    i hope that you can still keep recording and uploading it for us viewers and fans of the show. If it wasn’t for you, i wouldn’t even be up to ep 25 right now and see how hard each member work while still having fun!
    I like yuri and hyuna, but is going to be sad when they leave; also, you can’t forget about the rest of G7.

    i’m wondering who the new members are going to be.

  104. It definitely won’t be the same without the 3 but I want to continue watching to see if it’s still good.
    Hopefully you’ll continue to upload since I won’t be able to watch through soshified anymore.

  105. Thank you so much for sharing!
    I’ve been looking for someone that was subbing this series.
    I love this series and it sucks that Yuri, Sunny, and Hyuna has to go,
    but I would still love to watch this show. πŸ˜€ Thank you for the hard work!

  106. thank you for the subs of iy ep26… ^^ ill wait for the update on this episode ^^..

    hyunah is one of my favorite’s on iy too… though its sad that 3 of them are leaving… still pls continue on invincible youth ^^

  107. i’m personally like sunny n yuri , but i’m already fans IY n G7.
    so if u dont mind, please continue uploading… thanx

  108. keep uploading the show

    Sunny & Hyuna are my fave members too but then, I want to know how the new members will be… so pls keep uploading the show

  109. i think you should upload IY when the 3 leaves. lets just hope that 2 of WG will get casted as a replacement since they just arrive back to Korea a few hours ago. Yeeny and Yoobin will be interesting. for the other 1, lets hope its KARA’s Nicole or someone from T-Ara. it doesnt matter if its G7 or G10 (if SNSD and 4Minutes comeback to Korea), as somebody pointed out, its teaching how the idols be self-sufficient.

      1. then lets hope Kara’s Nicole, T-ara Eunjeong Jiyeon/Boram get casted. wishful thinking. lol

  110. i hope you continue to upload IY. i’m sure that the replacements will surprise us and we’ll grow to like them as much as we’ve enjoyed watching sunny, yuri and hyeona. also we’ve got other favorites in the show still such as hara and narsha!

  111. Thank you for subbing IY!!! ^^
    Please continue to sub this show… I started watching this show because of Hyuna, Yuri, and Sunny.. It’s sad to see them leave but we all have come to love this show… G7 isn’t gonna be the same anymore but I’m sure we’ll still enjoy this show…
    please continue subbing IY!

  112. Coming to the end of the first part,i think there was a something missing….i think jongmin’s part was cut off ( when he was eating the lemon as punishment for the musical chair game segment) . The second part starts with shinyoung putting the fertilizer on the field,but i think before that there was a segment which featured hyunah and narsha in it.

    I watched the screening (without subtitles) and noticed this point.
    I’m not sure about it though,but could you look into it?

    Please continue with the subs.
    It’s regrettable that Yuri,Sunny and Hyunah are leaving,but who knows,the new ppl could be even better….(even though i’m SunRu-biased….>.<)

    1. did you see my announce before download my file ?
      i said that some mins at the begin of Part 2 was lost because i’m fixing it
      i will post it again when i’ve done

  113. Please keep subbing IY. I love the show and i think you the only person that subs it.
    I Love your subbs. thank you. =]

  114. im from phil. and i a fan of yuri and sunny. πŸ™‚ i know it’s hard to me to think that yuri and sunny left in G7. but please continue subbing and uploading IY.. even yuri and sunny left in IY i’m still watch this show..

    πŸ™‚ i really miss Kim Tae Woo and Gwon Yuri. for me they are LOVE TEAM. πŸ™‚ haha!!

  115. please do keep subbing IY!! i really love this show to bits… and if u do stop…. there will be no other subbers for this… >.<

    i really have come to like hyuna a lot because she's the cutest…. even if another younger person will come, hyuna will always be the maknae of G7 in my heart :]

    im also very disappointed that yuri and sunny have left the show!! DX
    they're actually one of the main points of IY and they're what make IY funny.. XDD

    so sad because there's no more taewoo yuri pairing DDDX

  116. Pikeyenny, I beg you please don’t leave us.
    I still support the girls, but without you, it’s the big problem for me and many people here.
    You’re like our sunshine, so please don’t stop subbing this show.
    I know it’s really to see the girls leave but life still goes on.
    G7 keep on fighting
    Pikeyenny keep on fighting too.

  117. Please continue to upload more.
    The others, especially Hyomin, will definitely try to carry the show in future episodes. πŸ™‚

  118. i don’t want to see IY without 3 girls. i see IY to see yuri and sunny. without them i don’t want to see more

  119. I love IY, I started because of the SNSD crew but now since they are leaving, I’ll still be watching! It’s because it’s such a great show!

  120. pls continue uploading IY.. even though the 3 girls are leaving this show really made me like the rest of the girls as well..

    thanks for the effort

  121. I like many other people who have FINALLY found someone to sub IY and let us download them are extremely grateful that you do this. And I (and many others) would praise you for all eternity if you would continue to sub IY and put it on your blog ^____^

    I mean, sure G7 won’t be the same as before, but it’s still a great show, and i look forward to IY every week. I check your website like 100 times a day lol XD


  122. I like many other people who have FINALLY found someone to sub IY and let us download them are extremely grateful that you do this. And I (and many others) would praise you for all eternity if you would continue to sub IY and put it on your blog ^____^

    I mean, sure G7 won’t be the same as before, but it’s still a great show, and i look forward to IY every week. I check your website like 100 times a day lol XD


    Thank you o(^_^)o

    extremely grateful internet user <('.'<)

  123. thanks for the upload!

    is it confirmed? man, that would be damn bad…why would they do that? if sunny isn’t there, there will be less gag with shin young. if yuri isn’t there, no more romantic comedy story with tae woo. hyuna’s whining joke would also be no more if she’s not in the show.


    anyway, I still hope you will be uploading the next episode. I just want to watch Invincible Youth without Sunny, Yuri and Hyuna and how I will react to it. I might continue to like it, or I just might stop following them.

  124. thanx for this… at first i watch IY bcoz of those 3 person… but for each and every episode, i began to love the G7 and that hillarious shinyoung… eventho they will leave the show, i hope u continue to sub IY bcoz i love the show very much… and i only have 2 source for subbed IY… 1 source will not continue to sub IY bcoz its not related to their fanforum anymo, and another source is YOU PIkEYENNY… i really hope that u can continue to sub it… and gratefull for that.. Hwaiting!!

  125. thanks for sharing again πŸ™‚ i hope you’ll going to continue the subbing on IY. well we should at least give them a try or ?;) anyway THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH. LOVE YOU! HWAITING!

  126. my favourite in IY was sunny, since they are leaving but still there is replacement for them so we shud watch the next episod if there is still any changes in G7…

  127. seems that majority still wants to see the show regardless of what happens. i’m sure the 3 leaving would return in one way shape or form, be it a guest or what not.

  128. thank you for uploading IY!!
    it’s so sad that yuri, sunny and hyuna are leaving 😦
    but still….it would be awesome if you continue to upload the show , pleeeeeeeeease?

  129. THANK YOU!
    My favorite is Hara in G7 and i still want to watch it.
    Mostly I go here for Invincible Youth. Soshified or Soshisubs take a while to sub the videos.
    Pikeyenny is earlier than soshisubs and If you stop uploading, mostly, i won’t go on your blog since i only come here for IY.
    Hope you still upload!

  130. please continue uploading! altho its not the same G7 anymore, but i love narsha and i want to see more of her too! altho im gona miss yuri and sunny and ESP hyuna (cuz shes one of my favs along wit narsha) it would be great if u could keep uploading it! and thanks for uploading all these awesome vids!

  131. please please continue for uploading sis ^^ although my fav member sunny will be gone but i really want to wathc IY .. please πŸ˜€ tq tq

  132. gotta download this later on since I’m using only a so-so connection…

    btw, please keep on uploading Invincible Youth, tho three of them will be out (and of all people, Sunny-Yuri) I think the show will still be fun to watch…

  133. thank you sso much for uploading!, I’m following IY since first episode, keep going!
    -aigoo.. EunJung is so funny, unfortunately i like Soonkyu more,bwahahaha

  134. I really hope you continue to sub and upload IY. I love the show even tho they maybe some changes for better or for worst. So yea, Please continue. thx

  135. Thank you so much… i agree with everyone that the show wont be as funny but hopefully you’ll continued subbing thanks!!!

  136. Please keep uploading 😦 Sunny is my favourite and I’m sad she’s leaving but I also like the other members like Narsha, Hara, Hyomin, and all of them really. It’ll be interesting to watch how the new members integrate with the group. We never know they’ll bring new dynamics into the show πŸ™‚

    We really appreciate your time uploading this. You make a lot of people very happy. I hope you will continue.

  137. ples keep uploading IY… though it will not be same as before but this show is still fun 2 watch….
    plessss.. keep uploading… we really appreciate if u dooooooooo……. thanks a lot 4 ur effort..
    may god bless u!!!!!

  138. noooo!!!i’m using ur blog for a while now. i download IY and dream team and happy together from your blog for a while now. where can i get updates after this if u stop uploading them. pleaseee~~~.

    -fan of Pikeyenny from Malaysia. wink2~ lol-

  139. I agree with some of the comments. i think we should consider the new members like their identity. i really love and enjoy this show so dont give up all hope yet! thanks for subbing until now and i will miss sunny yuri and hyunah as much as you do!

  140. honestly , i am a proud sone , and always download sub videos from , and since snsd’s leaving , hyunah too , actually , i am pondering if i should continue watching when they stopped .

    but G7 really does grow in me , and i wish IY would be just as successful . so yeah , sorry about the random rambling , and continue uploading !

    thanks .

  141. Lets wait and see who will relieve the current girls. Please don’t give up on this show before we even know that. Thank you for your hard work.

  142. I’m a SoShi Subber that regularly helps to sub Invincible Youth for Soshified. I’m an editor, not a translator, so I don’t know Korean. We won’t be subbing IY anymore, after they leave… And I really like IY, so I hope that you will continue uploading it since it’s the only place left.

  143. I really thank you for all your hard work so far! However, even if the a few are leaving, I personally think that the show will be great ! Cos the concept is there, I’d agree that the show would not be the same though. Hwaiting! I hope you can personally upload them for the sake of all the invicible youth fans out there!

  144. awww, I wonder who they’re going to be replace by. PLEASE, PLEASE continue uploading the show. I love Invincible Youth!

  145. I only know of two places that subs invincible youth soshified and pikeyenny.
    its true, the show won’t ever be the same again but i still wish to be able to continue watching this show because i love it so much.
    so if both places stop subbing the show its gonna make me and a lot others really sad =[
    in the end it’s still your decision, but i hope you will think hard about it. πŸ™‚

    1. i think soshified will stop subbing the episodes when yuri and sunny are out so pikeyenny is our only hope so please dont stop uploading it. =(

  146. please continue to upload IY…although it won’t be the same without the 3 i still hope you will continue subbing

  147. please continue to sub IY its a good show. even though m sad that the 3 girls will have to leave the show, someone out there can replace but they cannot fill the void that those 3 girls already established (sunny as the chicken catcher, Yuri as the nation’s daughter in law and hyunah the maknae whiner). pikeyenny hwaiting~

  148. it is sad to hear that the three will leave…fyi…hyuna is my fave as well….

    however, i really appreciate it if you will continue to upload the next episodes..cheers πŸ˜€

  149. well, as you see .. there is so many people who always waiting for your uploads.. so please don’t quit..
    fyi, my favorit member is hyuna . it’s definitely sad for me too.. but i still love all of g7, and i still want to see how’s their progress.. i’m sure you feel the same right? i hope so.. ^^

  150. …….its really sad yuri,sunny and hyuna are gone…..but i also like the other 4 esp. hyomin and hara…….so plz continue subbing…..and i’m also looking forward to the new members of G7

  151. Hie..pls continue to sub IY..Though yuri and sunny and hyun-ah wont be there i think the show will still be worth watching.. =)

  152. Any idea why always when I watch until just half or more than half of the video, it loops back to the start?

    This happen to my other downloads from this site too

    1. you might want to try checkng your download. Are you using a download manager? (e.g. DAP) or something? cause sometimes it’s just better to use the default download manager that comes with the browser, i.e. firefox or internet explorer.

      I’ve had problems like that before, but when i just let it download normally (i.e. without using any download managers) the episode would be fine

  153. the reason that i started watching the show was because of hyunah, but i hope they wont change the structure of the show too much or else rating might fall drastically like FO2

    i hope you continue subbing IY

  154. please dun stop subbing for the show the 3 girls might be gone but there are still the other girls… And i hope that they will return to the show in the future!!!

  155. i believe it won’t be the same with those 3 leaving IY. It will be really sad but i’am still curious how the show will go even without them. please continue uploading IY

  156. Please continue to post these videos! I am very thankful and appreciative of your work πŸ™‚


  157. what the rules on mega upload ive downloaded ep 23 and 24 but when i try to download ep 25 it say my time exceeded? so does that mean i can no longer upload from mega video?
    plz anyone help !

  158. thank you very much for your work, Yenny. I love sunny, yuri and Hyuna too, but beside of that, G7 is a group. G7 will still live if some member quit. So i would be very happy if you could continue upload IY.
    Love you

  159. I rly hope you’ll continue! My favorites are Sunny, Narsha and Yuri, but when two of them leave, it will not be the same :/ But give other members of G7 a chance! Maybe SNSD and 4Minute can be guests on the show? kekeke.

  160. I’ve really enjoyed this show, and really appreciate the hardwork u done for us.
    Even though yuri and sunny, who are also my favorites, are leaving, i bet the others are still gonna do their best to bring joy and laughter to us weekly.

    So do please continue uploading the series for us who really enjoy this weekly dosage for fun and entertainment.

    Keep up the good work, and just to let u know, we really appreciate ur work.

    Thanks Alot.


  161. Thanks for the upload I really appricate it.
    I think you should keep uploading because my favorite was Sunny and its sad to see her leave but watching this has made me like them all and I would hate it if it suddenly just stops.

  162. pls keep on uploading~
    tho i totally hate it that those 3 girls leave IY TT
    ..i just can’t live w/o IY anymore LOL… we just have to wait who the new memebers r gonna be!

    thank you for uploading all the EP, reallyreally thankful ~! ❀

  163. thanks for the upload, but please dont stop uploading this…its one of my fav. shows it will be heart breaking to see it stop being upload…. T__T

  164. please continue uploading IY..
    i too love the three girls who’s going to leave IY and i think g7 wouldn’t be g7 any longer without the original members..
    but it is one of my favorite show to release stress from college.. so yeah, keep uploading them pleassseee πŸ™‚

  165. Thank you very much for subbing and sharing.
    I do hope you’ll continue subbing and sharing future eps of IY, if you can find the motivation to do so (since Hyuna is your favorite).
    I believe many here would hope for the subbing to continue also.

    Thanks for the good work so far.

  166. Plz still upload invincible youth even though sunny and yuri is leaving this my fav show
    it always cheers me when things are down.

  167. please don’t stop from uploading please? 😦
    its still a great show and we would never know maybe if the 3 girls arent busy anymore they might just come back!!!

    thank you and i hope you continue subbing πŸ™‚

  168. Pls, continue to upload I Y, I no that your fav member are out and you don want to watch the show again, but what about the people who want to watch the show but don have kbs world.
    So, pls continue to upload the show!

  169. please do not stop. I love G7 too, especially Sunny and Hyuna, and I was really upset when I heard that Hyuna, Sunny and Yuri will not continue with this show. However, I really want to check out whether the new members can replace them well or not. I know how upset you are but please, do it for others who love IY too. Thank you very much

  170. no no no plz don’t stop uploading plz plz plz bcuz i luv G7 this show rocks so plz keep up the hard work ^_^ THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. Sunny was the reason why I watch Invincible Youth, I was quite upset when i heard the news that Sunny and Yuri was leaving the show due to their pack schedule. But i dint know that Hyunah was leaving as well. That is one sad news too. Hyunah was funny in the show too. =(

  172. I still like the show, and will continue to watch it even though people are leaving. I hope you continue to sub this! You have been doing a great job so far, hope to see more in the future! Thanks for all the hard work!

  173. i know how u feel hahaha…i was sad too wen i found out hyuna is gona leave…but i think we sud still giv the show a chance cuz it still is a good show and maybe hyuna will be bak later?? :O u never know rite ? so we sud keep supporting it !! thanks for the hard work! πŸ™‚

  174. in also very sad about the news. i also i said in other fansites that i would not watch it cause they are leaving, but i have to take my words back cause i like everyone in IY so i still should support them no matter what even though its not going to be that same.i would also like you to upload more eps. thanks for sharing.

  175. my favourite was actually hyomin since im obsessed with t-ara but after watching IY i’ve learn to love all of them as an entire group; g7.
    it definately would’nt be the same w/o hyuna, sunny and yuri (<3 the sunmin bond) but i think you should wait and see who the replacements are first
    or at least wive them a few weeks to prove themselves worthy of g7 number 2
    yet like i said nothing is like the original
    i hope you continue uploading IY (:

  176. hello…I’m from malaysia but I really like korean shows n dramas…It is a great thing to have many shows with english subs…really hardworking you guys..hope you will continue to sub this show even though our sunny yuri n hyunah are not there anymore…maybe they will come again as guests perhaps? keep up your good work! you all jjang!!!!

  177. :\ My favorite show and my favorite girls are leaving……before you decide to stop subbing, can you please sub the first episode with the new girl members so we can get a gist of how the chemistry will work out. :[ THANK YOU! for your work!

  178. thank you so much for uploading IY eps. I really appreciate it~ it sucks that we won’t see more Sunny Hyomin moments since theirs are my faves~ but I do hope you’ll continue this
    I can’t I simply can’t watch shows and not continuing to the end ><
    really do hope you'll still upload the show even though the 3 girls are out~

  179. does it really take hours for you to download even just the part 1?????? its my first time to download here and i dont know what is HJ splits……
    …but i really love this show ..but I’ve only watch until ep 14…….
    …i hope someone could help me…and by the way where can open it after the download????

  180. rafielle @ first download all parts then download hjsplit “google it ” then
    open hjsplit
    then click join
    search the input file
    search file .001 file it will automatic extracted .002
    it will extracted
    download all parts in the same folder
    enjoy the video

  181. Do continue to upload IY.. I still want to watch IY no matter what. You have been doing a great job! πŸ™‚

  182. Thank you for uploading! It’s sad to see the three members go. Gonna miss Sunny ❀ Hyomin and Whining from Hyuna. And what would Taewoo do without Yuri?? LOL

  183. I somehow didn’t manage to watch ep 27 on KBSWorld

    so if you stop uploading this… I dunno where to dl this

    yes my favs sunny has gone but the village need to go on..hopefully replacement can bring some laugh to me

  184. Thank you so much!!!!! My favorite is Sunny, but I’m curious to see how the rest of G7 adjust to having new members ^-^ Hwaiting!!!

  185. Although I’m also upset about the three members leaving, I’d still like to see how the new girls adapt to the show. Whether you continue to sub or not, I’ll respect your decision either way. After all, you are the one doing the work to provide the subs for us. Thank you very much, really appreciate your work ^_^

  186. Thanks a bunch again all the way from denmark πŸ™‚
    i cant watch it from satellite here, the world is too fat.

  187. Hey thanks for uploading this episode. i hope the next ones will be good too!! and hopefully even if they’re not as great as these ones it’d still be nice to watch.
    i really like this episode because finally one of the variety sunbaes return! Kim Jong MiN!!!
    anyway i was wondering if theres a little bit missing from part 1 to part 2…
    end of part 1 is eating the lemon… XD
    but beginning of part 2 they’re already in the field scattering manure??

  188. please continue on subbing it i really really love iy though my fav members are hyuna and sunny maybe the new girls will be funny to

  189. please please please keep posting this! I love it so much and I would be very sad if it was no longer available! Thankyou so much for your past posts, and I really hope you continue to post IY πŸ™‚

  190. Thank you ever so much for your hard work. Personally, i do like Sunny, though she is about to

    leave the program, i think i will keeeping watching it. Please continue your English subbing.

  191. I’ve watched up to ep 18 and I really appreciate the work you put into it. Thank you for the hard work you do. My favorite of the group is Sunny and Goo Hara. I love Sunny’s laugh, and I also love Hyunah’s sense of humor. I can’t believe they are leaving. Oh man and Yuri Taewoo chemistry has been so awesome…i’m gonna miss that too. I too will be ify on whether I will continue watching the show…but I guess, I’ll just have to see who the next member will be. I hope they come back again someday.

  192. please continue subbing IY! the other G7 girls are still there and they are fun enough to watch although i’m really sad that the most hilarious girls are leaving..but please do continue! your effort is very much appreciated!

  193. pls pls keep subbing even if they leave, we who dont understand korean can only appreciate the shows because of your hard work

  194. First of all, thx for the subbed IY episodes. If the 3 girls are indeed leaving, thats really sad and unfortunate. I really the whole 7 of them and as you said, G7 won’t be the same anymore. I still wish to continue seeing IY though and like most say, the new members can’t replace the 3 that has gone but it might still be interesting. Please do continue to upload future episodes. Thank you so much and really appreciate your efforts!! ^^

  195. Please continue to upload IY Episodes. This is the only place I can download them. Thanks for uploading previous episodes of IY. Please do continue.

  196. please keep subbing… I’m really enjoy watching this show and you play an important part that bring the show to viewers like me who don’t understand Korean. Thank you so much for your hard work. Wish you all the best!!!!!

  197. I’m sad too! But I hear Jooyeon from After School is confirmed joining, and I hope maybe you can upload at least a few of the new episodes so everybody can see how the new G7 will be like before we can make a decision. ;__;


    And thank you for uploading this latest ep of IY!

  198. G7 version 1.0 and version 1.1 hahs… When yuri, sunny and huyna return [hopefully] it will be version 1.2 and they will be call G10?

  199. T___T Sunny and Hyuna are some of my favorites members,it’s so sad !!!!
    But like others i beg you to please continue sub this Show.
    Still Narsha will be there and Hyomin/Sunwha aren’t that bad either.

    Thank U very much for this episode.

  200. Taewoo is so wrong. Hyomin is super sexy, and also has the cute and pretty attributes, very balanced in all manners of appeal. She’s especially breathtaking in this episode. Hyomin~~ <3<3<3

    I'm most sad about Sunny leaving but as long as the show has Hyomin, Hara and Narsha, I will watch. That makes it sounds like I don't like Sunwha, but she's cool too. However, she is mostly cool by the way she is distinct, not necessarily by her leading or contribution, so she needs the others there to be interesting to me. People think that about Hyomin, but I think people don't realize how strong and interesting she is because she directs it to Sunny. I really think she flows into Sunny more than she flows out from her, so when Sunny is gone her qualities will be seen because the SunByung interpretation won't camouflage what is there.

  201. thank you so much for the upload and please do cont to sub the eps.. even thouhg my favs arent going to be there anymore i would like to watch the IY cont to grow.. hmm what is taewoo going to do without yuri?

  202. thanks for sharing! ^^ and, please continue subbing invincible youth. i would still want to watch it even though sunny, yuri, and hyuna are leaving.

  203. Thanks for sharing! Sad to see that the 3 girls are leaving the show. Keep up the good work. =) I’ll still be watching the show even though members are eventually going to depart to do other activities.

  204. Please continue to upload IY. I started watching IY because of Sunny but after all of the episodes I watched I just felt attached to all of them now. It’s really sad that those 3 people have to leave though.

  205. Thank you! I hope know how grateful everyone is for you taking time to upload the episodes with subs for us!

    I do hope you continue~!

  206. thanks for the subs. really appreciate it. there’s no where else i could find these subs and it’s such a wonderful show.
    i’ve been watching it since the first epi.

  207. waah i’m so sad since i only watched it because of hyuna but overall i like this show and everyone else i’m going to miss her along with sunny and yuri. i hope the new casts are good. thanks so much for sharing i really appreciate it

  208. thank you so much for everything! i can only imagine the amount of work and time you put into subbing all the shows and uploading them. more power to you!

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