[HD FULL] Wonder Girls @ Album Lauching Event 2 Different Tears 2010.05.15

Finally my girls came back with a new song ” 2 Different Tears “ Photobucket

I can’t stop listening to this song Photobucket

I hope that it will become a hit song of 2010

Wonder Girls Fighting ! Wonder Girls Jiang Photobucket


Recorded by me, comment if you download it

Link download : split to 4 parts ( Use HJ-split to join it)

Part 1 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UTT7L9UQ

part 2 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0AZSJRT9

Part 3 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FA2NYJBT

Part4 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V7M4QLS0

MF Link ( thanks so much Ekotaf ) :Ā  http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=29e406915a963419d9d5c56d04dfa8b08bc5d56a7e8302ad292b492bd5edc68e



39 thoughts on “[HD FULL] Wonder Girls @ Album Lauching Event 2 Different Tears 2010.05.15

  1. pike!!! im fall in love you!! no matter u are guy or woman!!!thanks very much!! WG + WF rock the WORLD!!! thanks for fast update

  2. Thank you so much for uploading this. I miss the live broadcast so it is great to see it here. You are great Pikeyenny!!

  3. Haha I’m so glad they’re finally back. I keep on switching between all three languages, and the remix as well. The song is sooo good, and it’s just a relief that they are still as amazing as always. I was a bit worried that their song wasn’t going to as good as their past hits: what a silly thought.

    Thanks for the uploads!

    1. same with you, at first i have a bit worry that wgs’s song can good like other songs of them in the past ?
      but now, needn’t worry la
      2DT is too great…….

  4. thanks a million pike šŸ˜€

    it’s HD file! omo! toooo rare

    i wanna hear sohee’s ‘sawaddeeka & rak na jub jub’ again LOL, yenny’s beautiful voice also šŸ™‚

    so, thank you very much!!

  5. I tink all 3 versions are done rather well. But jyp ‘s chinese is slightly off. haha hes funny! Really nice song. Thanks you 4 this. =)

  6. … found it… finally… took well, like 40 whole minutes of desperation… thanks for the uploading, i’ll download the videos greedily. may the wonder be with you.

  7. Wowww HQ , I like it. Thank so much fro these.
    Our girls so amazing, Queen comeback ^_^

    PS : SunYe say mimi are you warching? . I so happy.

  8. can you upload to another website..
    i don’t know hong kong wonderful(including me) cannot open megaupload.com
    can you upload another website??@@?

  9. Its not gonna to be a top hit in 2010 coz their new album is coming and the title song in that album will be the TOP song of 2010. this is the start to show how amazing they are after 1 yr away from the kpop industry:D
    Will you upload FO2 plz

  10. Thank you so much for your sharing. ^__^
    I could not watch online on May 15. I’m so happy with Wonder Girls come back.

  11. Thank you verymuch pike ā™„
    2DT is so greattttttt
    I can’t stop listening to this song

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