Invincible Youth Ep 25 [English Subtitle]

Comment if you download it

Part 1 :

EKOTAF reuploaded MF link Part 1

Part 2 :

EKOTAF reuploaded MF link part 2




163 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 25 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thank you very much for the continuous upload of Invincible Youth episodes. Thanks to your effortts and permission, I can share this fantastic Korean variety show with many other people via Youtube. These peope on Youtube (and me) really appreciate what you are doing. Youtube luckily haven’t found my videos (yet) haha πŸ™‚

    Keep hwaiting pikeyenny!


    1. Hey, may i know ur channel in youtube? cos im in indonesia so its a bit hard for me to download this πŸ˜€ but i rly wanna watch it..
      And of course thanks to this website!!!!!

    2. Hey, could you let us know what your youtube channel is?
      I can’t download anymore videos because my hard drive is going crazy.
      thank you

  2. Hey thanks rumour has it that someone might might leave i’m so sad. They’re all so funny : (

    i think it might be the girls who might have to promote in japan soon : (

  3. Thanks for the upload, this came out before any other groups could sub it.
    Hopefully we’ll see the medaifire links soon.
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  4. hey thank you so much, i was waiting for a long time for this to be subbed. soshisubs takes to long cause they wanna look pretty in pink. haha but yeah thank you and keep doin wat you doin. really appreciate it!!

    1. what ? what ? oh my god, i still haven’t read that news
      can’t be > < , i hate it
      i still running BT ^^, it was 42% now
      speed run not fast but anyway it still run hahaha, i will wait it

    1. yes, sure that i believe our girls more than anyone
      no one can talk about wonder girs better and surely more than they talk about themself
      i like to hear wgs talk about wgs than anyone talk about wgs haha

  5. pikeyenny, hope the MF link will be available soon.huhu..I have tried to use MU link but it takes a longer time to download…I prefer MF though..hope it will be available soon

  6. yeaaah………..finally i can watch this………it kind of sad to see one or two of g7 leaving…….they all my favorite……..anyway……thanks 4 sharing

  7. hola!thanks for uploading this. you are my only updated IY source πŸ˜€

    hyuna are doing japan promotion right? and snsd will also do that some time soon. aish..i really hate it. they start with g7 and they should end it with them too.

  8. Thank you for the upload.. Gonna download it right away..
    Thank you very much for sharing it.. Hehehe..
    Too bad there will be a change of members by next month.
    Gonna miss the original G7 members..
    Their popularity has skyrocketed..
    There is a rumour that Sunny and Yuri are one of the ones that are leaving..
    Sunny sorts of hinted it on her UFO message yesterday..

  9. Thank you for sharing…. Love this show more power..

    Just a suggestion regarding your site layout: to make it more readable, change the font color.. other than that its fabulous! please don’t hate me…

  10. Pike,can I suggest you for record in AVI / MKV format for better quality…

    thx 4 your hardwork..apreciate it…

  11. thank you so much. i’ve been waiting for this.

    i’m having some sort of withdrawal syndrome after news of the member change came up. I’m so sad. i love the bond they have with each other.

  12. here’s the news about the people rumored to be leaving Invincible youth. It’s sad, but with them promoting outside of korea, this was bound to come sooner or later T_T

    you have to keep in mind that, although Pikeyenny does her best to sub the episodes as fast as possible for us, she is about 1 or 2 episodes behind (i think IY is on episode 27 now, ,last i chekced), so what might seem like a sudden change in cast of G7, may have actually happened already o(>’.'<)O

  13. Thx host, thx for doing such a great job to help us sub =D
    i heard the news that they are changing 2 girls instead of yuri and sunny, such a sad news.
    hope they will back after their promotion in ASIA

  14. thanks alot, my friend said tt is sunny and yuri gonna go cuz they keep getting admitted into the hospital and and are going japan. really sad to see them go.

  15. Thanks for the video …

    So sad about the rumors about Sunny and Yuri …
    im a big fan of snsd .. they made me start watch Invincible Youth..
    Now they are going to leave.. so sad..

    Anyways Keep with the Good Work Ajjaja Hwaiting ..

  16. Thanks alot for subbing this series!

    Since SSF is going to be dropping it I hope you are able to continue subbing it

    I’ll keep visiting your wordpress in hopes that you do keep subbing IY


  17. thank u for the update and english subs and also cant wait until u download and put up ep 26 and i wish u could add another program on your site called Kang’s talk show or another name is called Strong Heart. thank u for ur hard work for us to watch

  18. Can i thank u 1st? Sunny, yuri and hyunah’s leaving and their last filming is may 19th. Dereafter ssf is nt gna subs IY anymre.. i get my IY frm dere though. BUT i am really happy u upload IY vids!!! THANKS!! Coz i luv G7 so much…

    Ya as much as i will miss dem.. =( am still hoping to watch mre of IY. So yaa really thank u so mucH!! Wonder wad will happen to greeny… =x

  19. Thanks again!

    Sucks about Sunny and Yuri leaving, noway they find proper replacements for personalities that big. The only person I can see maybe filling in is the leader of T-ara, she seems endlessly entertaining and charming. Hyunah I love outside of the show, but I thought on the show she never found a place, and ended up just doing what the older girls were doing. If I were to guess they’ll get someone from f(x) and someone from After School or 2ne1 and someone from one of the bands already on the show.

  20. thanks for the upload!
    downloading it right now..
    the thing abwt hyuna, yuri and sunny leaving.. TT.TT
    i’ll support them no matter what
    invincible youth jjang!!!!!


    p.s. when r u going to upload ep 26? it’s eunjung and jongmin hu r guesting next ryt?
    pikeyenny jjang!!!!

  21. soo sad that Yuri, Sunny & Hyuna leaves >.<
    TaeWoo oppa will go mad crazy because of Yuri leaving xD
    despite this I hope you'll continue subbing this show~
    thank you!!! β™₯

  22. Final I found IY with eng sub. Thank You. Hope you still upload IY aftr Yuri, Sunny n Hyuna leave IY.! My fav IY mmber HyunA n Sunny. I will miss HyunA n Sunny in IY.

  23. Sadly enough, my heart, Sunny, is about to leave this program.

    Any way, hopefully, she’ll be back someday. I’m looking forward to you, the apple of my eye.

    And thank you so much for subbing this program. I’m really appreciated.

  24. hey,idk where to ask you thing,so i write it here,can you upload raising idols with subs ?
    and thanks you for your uploading invicible youth,i love watching it.
    Coutinue subbing (: Love(:

  25. how do i watch. i do not wish to download it, but i want to watch online, and i duno how. anyone can just teach me, thanks

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