Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies Ep 169 [English Subtitle]

Not really like this show, but still try to upload it for the first time haha

Part 1

MU :

EkoTaf :

Part 2

MU :




18 thoughts on “Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies Ep 169 [English Subtitle]

  1. wow ! i didnt know this show was subbed as well! thanks a lot for uploading ❤
    definitely will watch since i spot brian in the caps ^__^

  2. This show is great. It’s not that much of a comedy bomb, but it is interesting to listen to the foreigners and their experience with korea. The only thing that’s bad is that some of the foreigners is… just wierd o_O;;

  3. thanks for sharing Brian media. This show can be interesting and funny sometimes. If you have time, please continue sharing it.

  4. Thanks for this. You and Boo are the only ones sharing this subtitled series on the web. I love this show but always missed it on KBSWorld. If you have the resources and time, please continue this series. Thanks for the upload.

  5. hey thank you so much for the upload my girlfriend has been asking me to find this show with english subtitles for awhile now.

    will you continue to upload this show or will it be a one off?


  6. thank yooo, i love this show very much, can you upload the one that have shinee in it, i think it episode 149.

  7. thanks so much for uploading this even though you don’t really like it! I’ve always loved watching this on TV, but lately I could never catch it. It would be really great if you would continue to upload more! =D

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