Star Golden Bell Ep 280 (English Subtitle)

Guest : Kara, Doojoon (BEAST), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Kim Tae Ho & Choi Jae Hwan & No Min Woo (Chefs from Pasta drama), M4, Yurisangja, Heo Kyung Hwan, Jung Joo Ri, Kim Tae Hyun, Go Eun Mi, Na Yoon Kwon…


Comment if you download it

Part 1

Full MU :

MF (EkoTaf)


Part 2

Full MU :




79 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell Ep 280 (English Subtitle)

  1. thank you, hope you can keep sharing SGB episodes, that show is really good, and this one was so cool because of kara and the guys form the drama pasta

  2. yyyaaayyy new episode…thank you for your daily hard work…now a lgdt would be perfect….waiting patiently….u rock!!!!

  3. yay thanks for sharing… and juz want to say this… i think the new theme or skins or what ever this call makes the letters hard to see.. i need to high light the letters to read… well thats juz my opinion… thanks

  4. Downloading this now 🙂
    I really like the background (the VitaminC one)… kinda miss those Wonder Girls, with Sun Mi, before they went to America.

  5. omg! u have it subbed! yet to download it but i’m just so excited.
    thank u thank u thank uuuuu!!!!!!!!! thanks for your hardwork. thanks to the uploaders too!
    thanks a lot!

  6. hello! just to say thanks for all the subs! i’ve downloaded dreamteam & star golden bell episodes so far! hope you’ll sub the episode of star golden bell with onew & the rest of the cast of brothers were brave musical thanks alot 🙂

  7. Thanks for the uploads.

    I have on question, though… how do I decompress/join those files on Mediafire (.001, .002, etc)?

      1. Thanks… I’ve been looking everywhere for these. If I can donate a few, I’d be willing to help. Take care!

  8. thank you so much for all the subbing you do :]
    i’ve been wanting to watch this episode but couldn’t find it!

  9. hi =)

    i dunno if anybody ever encountered problem like mine. I downloaded the part 1 ( i used mediafire since i had difficulty using megaupload) but the file only played until 00:16:19. So, I re-download it, but after I downloaded it for the second time, the result was the same.

    Anyway, I love this subbed version, made me smile for the whole day. Thanks for sharing

  10. WOOOOOWW!!! You really saved my life!! You know u are great, don’t u?? :DDDD I think you must be the only person in the whole world that have this episode english subbed and open for everybody!!!
    Love you a lot!!! hahahah!!

    big big big hug from Spain!!

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