Invincible Youth Ep 23 (English Subtitle)

Comment if you download it

Part 1
MU :
MF : EkoTaf


Part 2
MU :
MF : EkoTaf



162 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 23 (English Subtitle)

  1. Thanks for subbing and posting these dl links
    Saved my life haha =D

    I’m so addicted to this show, glad I can understand what is going on now

  2. hiii..thanks a lot for the fast upload..I was waiting for this episode, especially with eng subs…buy the way nice bakground 😀

  3. thanks so much for the subs !! 😀
    i was waiting for this 🙂
    and i noticed the background change.. 🙂
    niceeee .. though not all font is completely readable at all times LOL

  4. thank u so much. really appreciate.
    i cant watch because its on office time and the replay is too noon on saturday, so i depend at this blog to download. thank u again. 🙂

  5. are you wondergirls,snsd,kara,t-ara,B.e.g,seceret or 2ne1 Fan ??

    just wondering ;))
    but i think Wondergirls

    my self i am a snsd fan ^^

      1. yea!!!..i think ep 25 jus show on my local broadcast channel this afternoon..
        btw..are you from vietnam?

  6. Hey ^^ ! Thanks a lot for your hard work ! I love this show !!
    PS : lovin’ the Wonder Girls picture ^^

  7. thank you for this!!!! i love IY! I’m glad I saw your site, ssf hasn’t subbed this yet, you’re jjang! 😀

  8. Thank youuu…(:

    umm…ii download the video buh while i’m watchin the videos it jus stop at the middle n ii cant watch the u koe y??

    anywho..Thankz again^ ^

  9. thanks for the eps! But why ep 23 halfway through will hang on goes back to the starting again. Pls help me T.T

    1. download MU link
      i’m not sure about MF link cause i’m not the person upload MF
      i only can sure that MU link is ok, no one have problem to see it

    I like the new transparent web design, can see WG background LOVELY!, though the pink background with pink letter make it very hard to read. sorry if this is your design purpose ^^”

  11. *-* Thank Again for your hard work wish I can pro in korean language too >//<,
    now it's easier to read all the wording.

  12. i always download it on megaupload but it doesnt work anymore!! i think i used that website for downloading to much now. when i download mediafire i dont the right document for me to see it! can you help me? like download what to watch mediafire videos.

  13. something is wrong with part 2 , 002 . when i press download, it just keeps on refreshing the page …. help ?

  14. Thank you so much for uploading these since KBS banhammers the youtube versions so quickly and I don’t post at SSF.

    Hyuna finally started coming into her own, pulling out the Maknae On Top confidence. Juhyun brought out another side to Taewoo’s snark, and they really put an interesting interpretation to the normal idol dynamics we see.

  15. HEARTS IY!!!! thanks for subbing and uploading the videos!!! =D
    but i have problems watching the downloaded video on windows media player… it gets cut off halfway no matter how many times i watched it… and i cant fast forward…
    is theis normal? or is it the player?
    plsssss help me out! =D thanks in advance!

  16. umm is there a possible way for me to watch this without downloading it? for some reason its taking a reaaallly long time to download

  17. THANKS FOR THE SUBS!! ((: Really appreciate it! Not many people subbed our favourite shows nowadays! KAMSHAMINDA!! <3<3

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