Star Golden Bell Ep 278 (English Subtitle)

)Guest : Jinon & Leeu (F.Cuz), Doojoon (BEAST), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Soohyun (U-Kiss), Kim Yong Joon & Lee Suk Hoon (SG Wannabe), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Sugar Boy, Hwang In Young, Choi Eun Joo, Jeon Sae Hong, Joa, Phillip Choi, Lee Bum Hak, Gooke, Yurisangja, Heo Kyung Hwan, Jung Joo Ri, Kim Tae Hyun


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Link Watch Online : Check out here :

Part 1

Full MU :

MF :by smile, Ekotaf (thanks you) ^^

Part 1.1:
Part 1.2:

Part 1 :


Part 2

Full MU :

MF : MF :by smile,EkoTaf (thanks you) ^^

part 2.1:
part 2.2:

part 2 :



60 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell Ep 278 (English Subtitle)

  1. whaaa this is like finding a gold treasure… I just found r blog by accident.. 🙂
    thanky ou so much for the wonderful subs!

      1. its no problem for me, cause i have a fast connection and only need 1:30h to upload a whole episode 🙂 i don’t know if its much time, but well, the only thing i can do to support u is uploading 🙂

  2. hey i juz downloaded it… thnx.. and btw i have few questions,,, ur korean right? then u can watch all these shows then record it and after that put the subtitles?? what i really want to know is that how really fast do you really sub… coz me and my cousin puts a bet for whoever got the latest episode of IY…

      1. so is the sub 2-3 episodes later than raw’s? well i dont really care coz im always winning against my cousin (for now coz ur really fast, faster than other fansite like soshified).. kekek

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