Qualifications of Men – Girl Groups (Kara,SNSD) [English Subtitle]

Comment if you download it


Part 1

Full MU :  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y2MWY0AC

MF : EkoTaf



Part 2

Full MU : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WJJ921HO

MF : EkoTaf




54 thoughts on “Qualifications of Men – Girl Groups (Kara,SNSD) [English Subtitle]

  1. Wah.. Thank you for this..
    I was waiting for this on TV yesterday but I slept..
    Now, I can watch it.. Hehehe..

  2. I can relate so much ^_^ my nephew is studying in Seoul right now and the SNSD posters he sent me just arrived today :)) Thanks for sharing!

      1. Thanks ^_^ gonna post it up at my poker room. Now that’s a combination of my two main stress relievers: k-pop girl groups and poker. Nice work on the new layout! Classy! 😀

      1. thanks for the links…
        but i sort of agree with you..
        it kinds of end abruptly..
        wasn’t there apart where they check back with Hyeonbin at the KARA fan camp?


  3. thank you for this. qualification of men is a hilarious show. is there anyway you can upload/share more episodes from this show? they’re hilarious! thank you

  4. i love you! i missed watching kbs world at home. i love them its so real and just pure funny on how these men do. hahahahahahahh thanks agaaainn

  5. Wow…. really love your blog. But how to browse for all qualification of men episodes or 1N2D you have on this blog ? I don’t see the link that i can click like the one with Invincible youth episodes. Again, thank you so much for the hard work… xxx

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