Invincible Youth Ep 21 (English Subtitle)

First, thanks for all my happy birthday’s comments ^^

Actually today is my birthday 2nd April not yesterday 1st April hahaha, so lucky that it was not  April Fools’ Day

2nd April is my birthday and Sunmi’s day too hahaha so happy la ^^


And now is link for IY eps 21 ^^, Ekotaf will  upload mediafire later, he is my partner now hahaha

Part 1 (MU ) :

Part 1 : (MF)


Part 2 (MU ) :

Part 2 (MF ) :



65 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 21 (English Subtitle)

  1. hey first of all , happy birthday and thanks for subbing ep 21 for us .. been waiting for so long .. thanks alot and have a happiest birthday ever .. anyway releasing ep 21 on ur birthday does that mean ur 21? haha joking.. XD

      1. dun be so silly girl @@ .. your only 24 .. there is still a long way for u to go and a lot more invincible youth to be subbed haha 😀 thanks again for the subbing , invincible youth really means a lot to me haha .. ur cool 😀

    1. hahaha mean that i’m still young rite ? ^^
      ok ok i’m happy now hahaha
      my mom always told me that ” you are too old now, so go get married and stop doing something like watch korea tv program” hahaha

  2. Happy birthday! Thank you so much for your dedication and effort for us IY’s fans. I was anticipating this episode, thanks!

  3. happy birthday 🙂 hope u r going to enjoy your birthdayparty and dont drink too much 🙂 and thanks for uploading

  4. hey yo my lovely Wonderful friend!!! yay you must be really happy your birthday is same as Sunmi’s day~~huhu happy birthday and thanks for all ur hardwork uploading all these videos~~~if only WG have more variety shows~~they must be really happy having u as a wonderful coz u’ll definitely upload it ASAP!!! Wonderful forever..Sunmi jjand and pikeyenny~~

    1. thanks so much for your comment it, i really love it ^^
      yes i am waiting wgs come back, so we can have more korea variety shows to see, i really miss them, miss their funnies in variety shows haha
      i will try my best to make everyone will not forget wgs ^^
      Miss Sunmi too and hope she will come back soon with good news

  5. Happy birthday! I wish you all the best things D: Even if you don’t know me and etc…

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us those tv shows, i’m so grateful for that!

    Enjoy your birthday!

  6. hello thanks for uploading loving the mediafire link.:D:D hope u enjoyed your bday.happy belated bday.thankyou again 🙂

  7. eheheh belated happy b-day… don worry 24 is still young… u can still enjoy being single like narsha unnie…. heheh and i hope u find so “many many” good friends and i wish for you all the best,,, thanks for subbing…

  8. I’m kinda late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ^^ I hope you had a wonderful day! ^^
    Thanks so much for taking the time to sub these for us! <33

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!! =) Once again thanks for sharing this series and all the time and effort you put into providing this for us to watch.

  10. thanks for uploading !! ❤ but why i couldnt open the 2,3 and 4th videos after i have downloaded bt got no problem with the 1st vid T_T help…

  11. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY ! unfortunately. i couldnt wish you a happy birthday on your real date since i only found out about this awesome blog a few weeks ago. ): sorry. D:
    and once again. tahnkyou so much for your hard wooooork !
    i really appreciate it ! 😀

  12. Do i always have to comment whenever i download every episode? I mean is there a way to watch it instead of downloading it all the the time?

  13. waa! what a lucky day! i just found this wonderfull blog!!
    im taking this ya! thanks for hard work!
    im still wondering how to record from Television? huhu~~

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