Invicible Youth Eps 18 (English Subtitle)

Sorry for update late


Comment if you download it

Part 1 ( Use HJ split )

001 :

002 :

MU : (thanks EkoTaf)

or : (thanks weikang sheng )


Part 2 ( use HJ split )

001 :

002 :

MU :Β (thanks EkoTaf)

Or : (thanks weikang sheng )



78 thoughts on “Invicible Youth Eps 18 (English Subtitle)

  1. Finally, it’s come out. I’ve waited since thrusday.
    I wondered if there is problem with the show….
    Thank you for your work!!
    Keep working!!! πŸ™‚

  2. sweet… 18… thanks :)… and there’s nothing to be apologetic for ^^ you are doing us all a favour πŸ˜€

  3. Thanks for sharing! No need to be apologetic, take your time with uploading these videos since you are doing this out of your own free time. =)

  4. uwah~
    i alaways looking for the one with heechul-oppa in it…
    i’ve read the review somewhere and curious with this eps
    i’m taking it
    thank you so much ^^

  5. Thank you, I downloaded it and posted (only ep 18) on youtube and gave thanks. THANK U VERY BERRY MERRY CHERRY FAIRY MUCH!!!!

  6. thanks for the subbing ^^

    please can you contast me on my email

    i want to talk with U

    about the subbing i am on a subbing team

    and i need your sub can U help me please i will subbit to another languge ^^

    please ^^

    and thanks again

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