Invincible Youth Eps 16 (English Subtitle)

Comment if you download it

Part 1 :

Part 2 :




63 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Eps 16 (English Subtitle)

    1. is there any chance for a eng.sub kara bakery?…i find it for so long..and there is no sign of it is there anyone can help me out?

  1. Anyone know what should I do if i accidentally change the program to open the file? I cannot join the files together now =[ after joining it did not became a video =[ anyone who had gone through this before and manage to solved it?

  2. Uwaaa~ Thank you. I cannot express how happy I am to that you posted IY!! I am very, very far behind in the show and I am prettyyyy sure I heart you x 1000 for this! (*^_^*)

    Thank youuuuuu~!

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