Roundtable (Sang Sang) Plus – Big Bang (English subtitle)

Comment if you download it

Link here

EkoTaf :



39 thoughts on “Roundtable (Sang Sang) Plus – Big Bang (English subtitle)

  1. All these are just cuts rite. thanks anw! hope u could label them as cut nxt time. haha coz i was really confuse. THANKS ALOT!! u rock. jjANG!!

  2. Thank You soooooooooooooooooo Much I was looking for this for soooooooooooo long
    You are a kind giving person and I appreciate it.

  3. This is only the sound. I downloaded but it didn’t come out as a vid it just looks like siound.

  4. THANK YOUUUUUU!!!! Big Bang is my favorite group so far!!!! Thanks so much for that! You’re the best! =)

  5. Thanks for the upload!

    It is great to see how successful Big Bang is without having to promote themselves much, but at the same time, I wish they will appear on more shows! Glad to see that they appear on the good shows though (:

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