Invincible Youth Eps 13 [English Subtitle]

Sorry for update late > < .. my PC had problem

4 Part ( Use HJ split to join file )

Comment if you download it

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Part 4 :

MF :



63 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Eps 13 [English Subtitle]

  1. do you have mediafire??? well juz wondering coz IDM works faster in mediafire than megaupload… anyways thanks!!! saranghe

  2. Tks so much for ur sharing, u’re so kind!
    But just my favor, I really want to get the original film after ur recording, ‘coz the quality of these videos are not good (it’s not sharp enough and also get the yellow corlour). Is that ok for u to upload the best versions?

      1. ok…but could you please increase the video quality and d same time reduce the size like using rmvb format….all would appreciate that

      1. or convert h.264 mp4 format…still small size n all player support this format…anyway just givin’ piece of my mind…thanx for uploading…

  3. Hi there (: thanks so much for uploading these with the subtitles!
    and high-5! im viet too >< haha just wondering though can u please reupload ep 1-13 under megaupload and with the part one and two instead of us having to join em files? cuz i dont face the right tools for that…..once again thanks a lot!

  4. Thx have been downloading previous episodes as well and just noticed this TY thread.
    So thank you very much πŸ˜€

  5. Hey…
    Thx so much for all the episodes..But could u tell me a way to paste the parts together? Like from ep 1 to 13 cuz I don’t have the rite tools to do it.

  6. hai.. my name is azliyana… i’m new in here …i just found your blog…. and i like to watch invincible youth… but… epi 1 to 13… u just upload the video for download.. i don’t want to download i just want to watch only….how can i just watch invincible youth epi 1 – 13…because u doesn’t put view in megaupload… please answer me….

  7. thanks for all the subbing and uploads for IY. really appreciate it. can you please check the file for part 6 from Mediafire. Whenever i click to download part 6, the page stops at ‘processing download request…’ and will not pop open the download link. Thanks a lot and keep up the excellent work!

  8. hey there,

    i cant seem to download part 006 from mediafire or part 4 of megaupload. do help me check? thanks for everything.

  9. hi pikeyenny! thanks very,very much for these invincible youth eps! only God knows how much i appreciate your hard work.
    u know that invincible youth season 2 is coming up right? i feel like watching the season 2,but i must watch the season 1 first. and from what i found, THIS blog/wordpress provides the best source for downloading it!
    thank you again. may God bless u :’)

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