Star Golden Bell Eps 268 (English Subtitle)

Guest :  Lee Hong Gi (FT Island), Mir ( MBLAQ), Narsha (B.E.G), SeoHyun ( 4Minute), Joo Yeon (After School), Doo Joon (Beast),  Kevin (Ukiss), Jun Hyo Sung (SECRET)…….


3 Part ( use HJ split to join file )

wmv format can play with any soft

Comment if you download it


Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :


Link Watch Online : Check out here :



45 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell Eps 268 (English Subtitle)

  1. I’m sorry, but there seems to be no sound on this, and around the first eight to nine minutes of the show are missing, as well. Is there anything you can do to fix this (or perhaps it’s just my computer)?

  2. Never mind about the sound, that was a problem on my end. But could you possibly get up the first eight minutes that you missed? If not, then don’t worry about it.

    Apologies for my triple post. Thank you for your work.

  3. Omo..u r the best…thanks for this awesome video..i really appreciate it since i am a big fan of Hongki (FT Island)..fighting girl!

  4. i can’t download it because i can’t but do you think you can post it on youtube cuz i really want to watch it and i have been searching for it all day, i would appreciate but you don’t have to i am just saying cuz their isn’t one on youtube eaither.

  5. Thank you so much :((.
    I’ve been looking for it for long long long time :((

    Mercy :((
    KapKunka :((
    Kamsamita :((
    Cam’ on* :((
    Xiaxia :((

  6. Sorry , I have a problem.

    Why doesn’t it play? I joined it by HJ and started to play it. But it just plays for about more than 9 minutes and … the screen stops there. But the time still be counted.
    I don’t know what to do.
    Can anyone help me,pls!

    p.s: I download it on Mediafire. Not megaupload.

  7. thanks for uploading.
    damn it takes me 7hours to download 350mb parts.
    normally just 4 hours. slower than usual.
    i know my internet speed is slow( 512kb) buy still…
    anyone experiencing the same thing?

      1. haha nah.
        i wanna watch joo yeon all day long 🙂
        isnt the quality a bit poor for this episode?
        and in which other episodes in joo yeon in?

  8. Thanks a lot for your hard work. However, it seems that I CANNOT download all the parts of this episode because the link is broken.Can you reupload the links back?

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