Invincible Youth Eps 11 (English Subtitle)

As i said before ^^ today will have IY eps 11 haha

eps 12 will post next week ^^, please wait

Read the FAQ to merge the parts.(Problem with link post a comment in the FAQ)

And comment if you download this eps la ^^

3 Part ( Use HJ Split )

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :


58 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Eps 11 (English Subtitle)

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for uploading lots of shows with english sub.. my wish would be that u´ll continue uploading, if possible also in other uploader site (mediafire for example..) it is much faster to download via mediafire for me.. also without waiting time as by megaupload ^^
    would be also great if u can build “search” engine function on this site, to make it easier for us to search for shows..
    thx a lot!

    1. ok ^^ i like this show too so i think i will continue upload other eps of it
      and about host to upload file, i like mediafire too but have a problem that it die so fast and it only can upload max is 200MB .. my files always is more than 1GB so not easy to upload mediafire, must split to many small files

      so with big files i only can upload megaupload ^^
      small files ( <200MB ) i will use mediafire

      megaupload can save link a long time

      have some website to help people get megaupload link, you can come to that and ask them help la ^^

      ex :


      and if you want to search files on my blog, you can click to TAG ( at the right of blog ) or at the top of blog have "SEARCH"

  2. hi there..exellent work you’ve already done for kpop fans..i’ve been watching this show till now already..they r soooo cute..but can i suggest here..could u try to make a subtitles file like .srt for all the eps..hehehe..keep it up..:D
    have a nice day..

    1. woah, that’s like asking too much. people like pike are already doing us a big favor uploading and providing a website for these shows. the subtitles seems to be hardcoded into the file already. I dont think pikeyenny subtitles the videos him/herself. I also dont think anyone will want to transcript hardcoded subs into txt/srt format if it doesnt already exist, a big waste of time.

  3. hi…i seem to hav a problem watchin these videos…wen i play part 1 with windows media player its fine…but icant seem to play any part after part 1 for any of the eps….can any1 help me or hav any advise?? lol i really like this show and wud like to keep watching it ><

  4. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! you seriously saved me from continuous searching the YT accounts continuousl getting suspended and… oh word can’t express how i feel thank you!!

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