Invincible Youth Eps 10 (English Subtitle)

Thanks for all comments at IY ep 9

And now is Eps 10. please continue comment if you download it ^^

Eps 11 will come out next week ^^


Read the FAQ to merge the parts.(Problem with link post a comment in the FAQ)

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :


90 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Eps 10 (English Subtitle)

    1. yes i always record music bank LIVE and english subtitle every week
      but because i saw other people will upload file HD from KBS1 KBS2 … than KBS world
      so i didn’t upload my files ^^

  1. thanks… i like sunny more and more now more than yuri.. @@

    btw, can u upload music bank or roundtable plus.. need update in my music library >.< and more variety pls.. greatly appreciate it!! ^o^

  2. I hope that you also can reduce the file size on the next upload.
    The internet speed in my country here (Malaysia) is just like a snails.
    And your file always take almost half a day for me to finish download it 😦
    So sad …

    1. i tried but …. my files always so big > <
      if i set file smaller .. quality of files will be not good
      actually my files (IY shows) after record always are : more than 4GB, i must converted it to wmv and it only more than 1GB

  3. can u convert it to flv format??

    i also from Malaysia…

    i really don’t mind about the quality.. As long as i can watch i…


    1. actually i like flv too … but seem that not many people like flv , they said it is very bad quality ^^
      so i choose wmv, still HQ and size is small
      avi is good but very big, not easy for me to upload it

  4. hahaha…
    yeah.. i’m kind of agree with the quality sentiment..
    anyway, thanks for your effort on uploading this great series..
    it actually hard to find this series now because of the copyright..


  5. thank you SOOO much for all your hard work!! i’ll come back to download all of it but thank you thank you thank you!

  6. Thank you very much for the upload and translation, I hope you’re able to continue doing this. Who is in the picture that you have on the right sidebar of your site?

  7. how come part 1 of episode ten stops playing towards the middle? ) :
    is this happening to anyone else.. or is it just me? haha.

  8. THIS. WAS. GOLD!!!!

    best episode ever!!! son ho young + sunny = TOOO CUTE!! <3<3<3
    also, hara and onew were cute too!!! sunny, hara, kim shin young, and narsha are my favourites to watch XDDD i love them, they are so funny!!
    thank you very very very very much !! I loved this

  9. Hi there..I really appreciate your effort for uploading this show!!xD
    I ve been downloading your file day and night non stop..;)
    I really hope you will be able to continue doing this..
    and i really dont care about the file size bcoz I willing to download it as long I can watch this show..hahah

  10. thanx a lot!!
    for some weird reason..
    I can only download part 1..
    I’ve downloaded the rest but it can’t be played on any player I’ve tried so far….
    somebody help!

    1. You need to use the Software HJsplit (as mentioned above), it joins all 3 parts, and turns it into 1 movie

  11. Thanx a LOT!!…..just a thought—–u know when ex. hara says some of her jokes and it has its korean meaning….is it possible to explain it to english..?
    But still thank you 4 all the eps.

  12. Hello! Just wanna say Thank YOU SO MUCH 🙂 And do you upload people’s requests? Like I was hoping you could subbed one or two episodes of Strong Heart? Sorry for asking 😦

  13. It’s not easy to back track the older episodes and I’m so very glad that you have it! Thank you so much for all the KBS variety shows you upload in your site, Yenny, can’t be any more thankful than I am now ^_________^

    Please keep up the great work!

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