SNSD + SHINee @ Roundtable Plus (English Subtitle)

Because my best friend love SHINee so i will upload this show soon for he…
And about IY show ep8, i will upload when have enough comment i think … so comment more if you want have link download IY show early ^^
recorded by me


32 thoughts on “SNSD + SHINee @ Roundtable Plus (English Subtitle)

  1. Oooh! *-* I watched this already, but it was so funny~

    By the way, thank you so much for changing the setting to english! I feel like I can see again! Ahaha~ ^-^

  2. Thank you for recording this episode!

    I’m going to watch this since I like SNSD and just started liking SHINee cuz of Ring Ding Dong

  3. Could you possibly somehow upload it on dailymotion etc., i can’t watch it on my mac.
    I’d gladly appreciate it if you did! I really wanna see this episode cos minho’s in it ❤

    Thanks for your subs on oh my school too ^^

  4. thank youuuuuu~ ^^…….I’ll love to watch more SHINee shows…. and yeah I like Taemin and Minho too~…..thank you soooo much again :3 !!!!

  5. hi.. i’ new follower of ur blog..
    i wanna ask something…
    did u hav link that will link me t0 youtube coz i find that it’ll be more easier 4 me to dwnload there rather than using megaupload coz my it connection sometime is worst…
    by da way.. u really did a graet job 4 me..
    thank u so much!

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