Invincible Youth Ep 8 ( English Subtitle )

Have more people commented, and so many friends send email for me for IY show update ^^

that is why i post IY ep8 now .. ^^

Happy New Year everyone, see you guys again next year 2010 hahaha

Best wishes for all


Next time, Ep 9 will come out soon if have more comment continue ^^

Recorded by me, read the FAQ to merge the parts .

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :


69 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 8 ( English Subtitle )

  1. ty for subbing IY =)
    I’ve recently stumbled onto your site and so far i am very thankful for all the videos you have subbed so far
    please continue doing a fantastic job
    and please continue subbing IY, ❤

  2. thank you! i’m looking forward for episode 10!!!!! sunny and ho young…wow such chemistry!!! THANK YOU in advance!

  3. hi, im jz found this blog…
    so im wondering where cn i gt d earlier episode for invincible youth…
    i miz d early episode…

  4. wow this is so cool 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂 Itwas hard to find 😛 Is there any possibylity to watch it online?

  5. omg thank uuu so much i been trying to find all over it was deleted on youtube. i was so sad.. but now im happy.. ehhe thank .. jjang unnie ^_^ Hwaiting…

  6. hi its me, can somebody help me??

    while i was downloading the file from mediafire, my internet connection was interupted, so i couldnt continue the download, the next day i cant download it again..

    what should i do??
    NB: i download it with IDM

  7. yes its okay, but i dont know, if my connection is interupted while im downloading it wont download anymore,,

    if i press the download button its kinda refreshing the page..

    when i see to the URL in IDM,
    instead of this folder: Invincible+Youth+Eps+12+(English+Subtitle).WMV.005,
    it donwloads this : qqoejmz4mgm.htm
    (btw im in eps 12 right now)

    or can u tell me which download accelerator do you use??

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