Star Golden Bell Ep 263 ( English Subtitle )

Star Golden Bell Ep 263 ( English Subtitle )

MBLAQ ( Mir & Thunder), Ga Hee (After School), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Park Gyu Ri (KARA), Sunny (SNSD), Changmin (2AM), Lynn, One Two, Choi Eun Kyung, Baek Seung Hye, Kim Young Chul, Kim Suk, Jo Won Suk, Oh Jung Tae, Lee Soo Na, Jong Ju Ri, Kim Tae Hyun, Nan Si Raeng

Recorded by me

3 Part ( use HJ split )

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :


Link Watch Online : Channel PikEko2 :


36 thoughts on “Star Golden Bell Ep 263 ( English Subtitle )

  1. wow i didnt know you got these shows.i really enjoy star golden bell. thanks so so much for uploading. im a going to up load all of the star golden bell shows you got. thanks again

    1. What do you want to say ?
      You need to dowload all 3 parts from Megaupload link and join them with hjsplit.

  2. ahh…thank you!!!:) last question. haha.. can you join all of them at the same time, or for example, you have 5 parts, then you first join only part 1 and 2, the the combi of 1 and 2 with 3, and so on, or you just join all five? thank you so much!

    i’m sorry for the incessant questions, i’m not really…good at this. hahaha.. 🙂

    thank you very much!!!

    1. It doesn’t work if you don’t have the 5 parts .Select part .001 and just wait hjsplit to finish to join.all MF parts must be in the same folder.

  3. Haha, sorry. I’m downloading this again, because I didn’t use hj splits and ruined the last downloaded copy : P Thanks again : )

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