Invincible Youth Ep 6 ( English Subtitle )

so sorry for upload this ep late, i’ m too busy with my job

i only post Ep 6 in this blog ( ep 1-5, please check again my old blog : )

recorded by me

Read the FAQ to merge the parts.(Problem with link post a comment in the FAQ)

Link download : 3 part ( use Hj-split )

Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :


76 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 6 ( English Subtitle )

  1. @ heechulisnotgay oppa : you are welcome ^^, continue come to here to download other Eps next time ^^, this aftrernoon will play Ep7 Esub, i will try upload soon, maybe tomorrow morning will have link download ^^

    @ Xavi : i haven’t plan to transfer all old files to here ^^, If anyone want download old files, they can come to pikpep@rocket blog to download it. I will start all new with pikeyenny blog
    although old blog closed, and i will not update any thing in that, but link still work so everyone can come that to download, so do not worry

    Let’s start all new from now hahaha

    1. Hello ~ Thanks ALOT ALOT for the shows. May i pleasee request you to upload this episode on YOUTUBE or DAILYMOTION? Please.. I cant download the files. they take me 5hours each and aft i dl all, i cant watch it even with HJ split..

  2. thanks! I also have kbs but I can only watch the replay on Saturdays when I’m not busy. I also want to rip and upload shows but I don’t know how. Thank you again!!!

  3. hai,
    i download the episode but still i cannot watch it even i have the hjsplit
    can u pls let me know how to watch it.

    thank you

  4. wawww.. just found your website and my heart beats way too excited because i always wanted to watch IY 🙂 i plan to download it so i write comment first .. hehe.. thankyou so much :D:D

  5. wow just discovered this site and it’s marvellous!! finally i can watch IY with subs. XDXDXD thanks so much!!

    would be great if there’s strong hearts subs available too.

  6. hi~is it the episode where minho shinee came ?
    if it is, dont you make it into mediafire?
    i cant download it in MU~ but if you don’t have that’s ok~
    thank you^^

  7. hi..thankss for the sub! i like to watch G7~ this is the ep where minho came right? i missed this ep…uwaaaaa~

  8. Thanks so much for the subs!!! I always watch your DreamTeam eps. And I was looking for this!!!

    Your videos always make my day. Thanks again!

  9. Hi, sorry for bothering you, it seems I can’t view the 2nd and 3rd file. The 1st file I view abt 15 mins then it went back to the start. BTW, how to use the HJSPLIT. Much advise needed.


  10. NEVERMIND. I got part 1 to work. but part 2 and 3 are not working. 😦 PLEASE HELP! I used the HJSPLIT but still it won’t work. Somebody please help?

  11. I’m looking for your site for a long time……….
    I’m so glad that I found you ^^
    Thank you so much for your hard work…..
    I’ve already watched this episode but I want to keep it, the girls are crazy with Min Ho around, hahahaha………..

  12. wah!!
    thank you sooo much!! i’ve been tryin to find all the IY episodes..
    at last i can get to watch it..
    once again, thank you for uploading 😀

  13. Hey, you’re seriously the best. I hvae been wanting to watch IY for a veryvery long time. But i just cant find it on youtube. You’re the best:D ❤

  14. Oh thank you so much I was looking for Invincible Youth with subtitles everywhere but I wasn’t able to find it.
    Once again thank you! Your website definitely made my day ❤

    1. The channel was suspended, it’s preferable to download the video instead streaming online .
      nowadays youtube are active on IY and other programs.

  15. Thank you so much for this episode! I’ve been looking for this episode with Minho! Thanks again Pikeyenny, you’re Jjang!!! ^^

  16. PLEASE, can someone help me ?
    I can’t watch it. i’ve download it with the mediafire link but i can only watch part 1.
    Can someone please tell me what i have to do so that i can watch Invincible Youth ?
    PS: THANK YOU sooo much for uploading !! ❤

  17. cant i watch this ep online? if yes, where? and why is it that your other videos can be watched from youtube but not this ep?

  18. Hi, i own a mac and i downloaded it but the video doesn’t seem to be compatible with my mac. Any advice? I really want to watch this episode; it’s the one i missed.

    Thank you ^^

  19. hi! thank you so much! SUPER THANKS! thanks isn’t enough to show how grateful i am .. 🙂 take care! 🙂

  20. Hi . .

    i am an Arabic sone ,
    and i want to Translation this Ep

    can you take me Translation file of this ep please ?

    + i waiting =D

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